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I hope to have one of these someday. They look fantastic, and best of all, they are period. Anyone have access to an industrial sewing machine?


Yurt Quest: In search of Ger
One of the best general reference sites on yurts.
Nice general yurt resource.
Singing Horse Designs
These folks are SCA and build them!! Master Todric is supposed to be the best.
The Buryat Mongolian Ger


The Construction of a Yurt
This is one of my favorite pages on yurts, it is very detailed.
Glenn-Sha's Gher Page
Also titled, "How we made our own Gher or Yurt" and "How to avoid our mistakes". It is to the point and has diagrams.
Medieval Pavillion Resources


Kyrgyzstan nomads beside yurt in the Muzkol
Russian Yurt Interior
This is a copy of a lithograph from the book Shelter. Pretty cool book if you want to study the history of tents and houses.
The Mongolian Felt Tent
From an online exhibition. Visit a virtual yurt!
If you want to get ahead...get a YURT!
A felting page, but there are some good pictures of yurt frames.

Jacinth's Recommended Books:

Tipis & Yurts: Authentic Design for Circular Shelters, by Blue Evening Star, ed. Leslie Dierks
If you have it in your head that you want to build one of these, this is a good book to start with. It has patterns and details for construction of both tipis and yurts.
Shelter, edited by Lloyd Kahn
Wonderful book for pictures of historical shelters.

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