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Historical Costuming FAQ
Clothing and Costume
By the Ministry of Arts and Sciences for the Kingdom of Atlantia... many links for costumers.
The Costumer's Manifesto
A great resource for costume links.
An Anachronist's Encyclopedia - Clothes
Numerous links to clothing sites, everything from kilts and 12th century garb to Elizabethan.
Calafia: Costumers Guild
Costumes and Clothing
Patterns of Time Link Page
Simplicity Patterns
Simplicity has come out with some amazing Medieval and Renaissance costume patterns. With slight alteration, you can have an authentic looking outfit.
Needle Arts
Sewing and Costume links... plus a bit more than you probably wanted to know, but interesting.
Ravensguard Costuming and Textiles Page
Duct Tape Double
Tired of asking your significant other to get out of his comfy chair to help you fit your costumes? Think that custom-made dressmaker forms are expensive? Try this! Yes, duct-tape binds the universe together, and can make you a satisfactory dummy.
Clone Yourself a Fitting Assistant
Four ways to make a dressmaker form. Includes some extra pictures on the duct tape double method.
Sewing Central
Historic Patterns and Fabric
Grannd Garb Costuming Supplies
Lots of notions for costumers.
Reconstructing History
Essays about early period garb.
When Do You Want to Wear Today?
Medieval Clothing
Strutt's Dress & Habits of England
A nineteenth century book on historical costume. Interesting pictures. Not certain that it would make a very good source, but neat to look at...
The Zen of Spiral Lacing
Period Pleats
I often wondered what the differences were. Ask no more and check here!
Poison Pen Press Costume Books
Grannd Garb
Historic, Reenactment and Renaissance Fair Clothing Supplies and Accessories.
Sumptuary Laws in the SCA
What new and old alike should know is off-limits in accessories, so they don't offend anyone. :)
Costume Museums in Europe
How to Make Self-Supporting Bodices
Keradwc's Medieval Page
Fabulous place to look at pictures of other people's garb! This guy does professional photography, and you can see portraits of people who attend events in the West Kingdom.
Straw Search - Seeking Straw Hats in Medieval and Renaissance Works of Art
Clothing of the Ancient Celts
The Tailor's Book of Enns (c. 1590, German)
Building Bodices
The Peculiar Lacings of Maddalena Doni
Sumptuary Practices of the West Kingdom
Creating a Simple Tunic for SCA wear
Period Costumes
Absolutely gorgeous costumes, instructions on how to starch a ruff.

Hair and the Artifice of Roman Female Adornment
The Roman Makeover
Roman clothing
Nova Roma
Nova Roma Reanactments
Cold-Weather Clothing
Civilian Clothing

Iron Age
Iron Ages Society
Page has a bit on Finnish dress with some smallish pictures.

The Ten-Gore Dress: Cotehardies from Herjolfsnes
The Viking Experience
Lots of information about basic viking costume.
Female Viking Dress
I thought that this was one of the more complete pages about viking textile and dress. The link is flaky, as I have found it doesn't always work, however when it does it is a good source of information.
Viking Age Clothing
By Hrefna in heppna Thorgrimsdottir and Leifr Hjalmsson. Good bibliography to work from.
10th Century Viking Outfit
Cool viking costume site (in Norwegian), rough patterns for stockings, headgear, tunics, et al.
Viking Cap and Women's Dress in General

Anglo-Saxon Dress for Men and Women
A nice essay on dress in the 9th century. It has pictures and describes the differences in clothing between social ranks. Not a "how-to", but it has the necessary background information that any costumer would need in making truly authentic garb.
An Anglo-Saxon Cyrtel
Handwoven gown and docutmention... well done!
Finnish Dress
In Finnish, and I have no idea what they are saying. A few really cool pictures. Tuukkalan nalbinding fragments!
Vikingatida kvinna
Nice pictures of viking costume... click on pictures to get details. I think they are actually selling patterns, but this is still nice.
Re-Enactor's Dark Age Kit
Good examples of viking garb and accoutrements.
An Archaeological Guide to Viking Men's Clothing
Norse Woman's Head Dress

Dar Anahita
Site devoted to SCA period Near/Middle Eastern costume and resources.

Far-Eastern I realize this is very general, but it isn't something I have a lot of call for personally. Mainly this info was collected for a themed event.
The Mongolian Nationality
National Costumes of the Mongolian People's Republic
Mongolia Today: Traditional Clothes
Picture of a Wealthy Buryat Man and Wife
Korean Traditional Dress
Interesting explanation of change in dress due to Korea becoming a vasal state of Mongolia.
Chinese Knotting Home Page

Medieval European
These apply to many different areas, not just a specific region.
Metallic Trims
Metal trims and early period personae.
Some Clothing of the Middle Ages
Misperceptions about Medieval Clothing
Mistress Cori on Kirtles
Medieval Costume Do's and Dont's
Medieval Wedding Album and Costume Guide
She has ideas for all levels of sewing skill. Worth a look.
An Illustration of an English Woman's Clothing from the late 14th Century
La Couturiere Parisienne: Medieval & Renaissance
A lot of pictures.
Circa 1296 braies information
De Liebaart - The Braies
Nice pictures, if light on text. Other things than braies too.
Medieval Clothing Pages
Articles of interest to costumers... lots and lots.
Early Medieval Clothing Patterns
Frankish Costume
Medieval Women's Hose
Author believes hose pattern is good for 13th through 15th centuries.
The Tunic of St. Louis
Very simple tunic pattern with very little waste of fabric. Super period for 13th century!
Late 13th- Early 14th Century Drawstring Pouch
Practical Worksheet for Tunic Construction
Drafting a Houppelande Pattern
Le Costume de Jeanne d'Arc
Okay, my first foray into French webpages.
Medieval Costume
A paper about 11c and 12c gowns.
Medieval Women's Hose
A Bliaut?
Clothing of Norman Women in the Late 11th and Early 12th Centuries

The Milanese Tailor's Handbook
Pictures of late-period European garb.
Italian Renaissance Costume Construction
Italian Renaissance Links
Late Italian Ren
Mid-Italian Ren
Italian Renaissance Hair Taping
Clothing in 16th Century Venice

Renaissance Costume Page
Links to 16th century Northern European Renaissance costume references.
Landsknecht and Costume Site
Women's Roll Hats
The Renaissance Tailor: Recreating 16th and 17th Century Clothing
A fine site. Regular articles, tips, and ideas.
Eleonora of Toledo and Her Son
Some nice, up close pictures of details from the painting.

Tudor & Elizabethan
The Elizabethan Corset Page
An informative page, with paterns and rules of thumb.
The Elizabethan Costuming Page
This is the actual home page for the corset page. It has additional links that are very useful.
Wasp Creations
This lady sells corsets, and has many pages about tight-lacing and tips. This is not essentially a medieval page, but it does have some good points about wearing corsets.
Boning for Costume, Evening and Bridal Wear
Corsetry at
Sewing Tips and Techniques for 17th Century Costume
Tudor Gable: Illustrated Step by Step Instructions
French Hoods
Costume site featuring articles and the interesting "Ye Olde Dial-A-Dress" where you can try out different cuts and see what dress you like best.
Tudor dress: portfolio of images
Wonderful resource for deciding on your next gown.
Farthingales Fabrics By Mail
Steel Stays and such if you aren't inclined to make your own.
Margo Anderson's Historic Costume Patterns
Fabulous Elizabethan patterns, worth every penny.
Elizabethan Costume: History and Technique
Site by Margo Anderson, of Margo's Patterns.
Upper Middle Class and Noble Women
Info on dressing in Elizabethan times.
Elizabethan Smock Pattern Generator
A Festive Attyre: Renaissance and Elizabethan Costuming
Men's Shirts in Elizabethan England
How to Starch an Elizabethan Ruff
Queen Elizabeth's Wardrobe
Cauls, Hairnets, and Snoods
16th Century Cauls, Hairnets and Snoods

History of Footwear
Leatherwork and Footwear
Footwear of the Middle Ages
Viking Shoe Patterns
Shoe Making
Leatherworking in the Middle Ages
Poor People's Poulaines
Footwear of the Middle Ages
Ghillies Pattern
Make Irish shoes for re-enactment.
Medieval and Postmedieval Turnshoes from Kempten (Allgäu), Germany
Demonstrations: Felt Boots

Notes on Gloves and Glovemaking in the 16th Century
Duello Gloves (rapier/fencing gloves)
There are lots of stuff on the main site,

Phoenix Textiles
Excellent customer service and other perks. Wonderful prices on linen and wool.
Clearance and Bargain Fabric Sources
Cloth 4 Less
Inexpensive fabric discount wholesale and retail cheap.
Denver Fabrics
Possible source of silk brocade.
Online Costume Resources
GBACG page with online shopping resources for fabrics, trim, and more.
Super cheap bulk trim site.
Fashon Fabrics Club
Fabric Club: Wholesale Mail Order Fabrics
Dharma Trading Co.
Sellers of silk, dyes, etc.
MILIEUX: Online Costume Sources/Supplies

Jacinth's Recommended Costume Books:
Medieval Costume in England and France: The 13th, 14th and 15th Centuries, by Mary G. Houston
Good all-around book if you want to focus on costume of this period. There are also portions dealing with priestly robes of the era.
Tudor Costume and Fashion, by Herbert Norris
I didn't have high expectations in this book, but when I received it I instantly appreciated it's detail, pictures, and the sheer amount of information. Excellent book for anyone studying Tudor costume.
Racinet's Full Color Pictorial History of Western Costume, by Auguste Racinet
Lots of pictures to get ideas on styling costumes, in fact the above picture is one of them.

Embroidery and Needlework

Elizabethan Blackwork Embroidery Archives
A very fine site, offering a variety of reversible patterns.
Medieval/Renaissance Embroidery Page
The Entire Bayeux Tapestry
Fair pictures of the panels comprising the tapestry; not close enough for great detail.
The Bayeux Tapestry
Sketches of each of the panels give an idea of details.
A Stitch Out of Time
Master Richard Wymarc's Medieval Embroidery Webpage.
Needlepoint/Needlework Links
West Kingdom Needleworkers Guild
American Needlepoint Guild: Stitch of the Month
Page with a lot of examples of different types of needlepoint stitches.
Fill-in Patterns from Sixteenth Century Blackwork Embroiderers
Nice patterns, also has a brief bibliography and some book sources that you might find useful.
Blackwork designs from 16th Century Sources
Bronwen's Blackwork Library
Blackwork Stitches: Double Running Stitch
Italian Band Blackwork Patterns
Assisi Handout: Class Overview
Long-Armed Cross Stitch Embroidery
A most excellent example, period pattern and all.
Interweaving Stitches
Stitch Online
From the Skinner Sisters, an online magazine about embroidery and other needlecrafts.
Free Blackwork and Assisi Patterns
Kiara's Historical Embroidery Page
Counted Thread Work
Works in SCA period. Decent picture of an extant piece from the V&A Museum (a blackwork coif).
Viking Embroidery Stiches and Motifs
Tent Stitch Applique'

Jacinth's Recommended Embroidery Books:

Blackwork Embroidery, by Elisabeth Geddes, Moyra McNeill
Blackwork, by Mary Gostelow


Tablet Weaving
Tablet Weaving Archive
An SCAer's delight.
The Weaver's Hand
Hey! Here's some software to keep the twists in line. Distributed by Weaver's Hand site.
Homepage Kurt Laitenberger
Nice samples of woven bands... some in English, but he's working on it.
Tablet Weaving Information
Adventures in Tablet Weaving
Birka-Style Tablet Weaving Recipe
I keep looking for documentable period patterns. This is a nice one.
1998 Tablet Weaving Adventure in England and Holland
Brocaded Tablet Weaving
Three Recipes for Fourteens- and Fifteenth-Century Tablet Weaving
Tablet Weaving
Tablet Weaving Simulator
A Java-based applet. I haven't actually tried this one, but it looks interesting.
Tablet Weaving, Continuous Warp
Tablet Weaving Theory
A Saxon Threaded-In Tablet Weave
Eachna's Tablet or Card Weaving Page
Card Weaving
Card Weaving Study Material
Brocaded Tablet Weaving
Intermediate Tablet Weaving: Figured Double Weave
Card Weaving
Good pictures. Geared towards primitive skills... although I would consider TW to be a rather sophisticated art.
Brocaded Tablet Weaving
Bibliography of Sources for Information on Period Tablet Weaves
Basic Tablet Weaving Patterns
Tablet Weavings
Good, up-close pictures of tablet weaving. I wasn't sure I was doing double-turn correctly until I saw this.
Cool museum page in German about tablet weaving.
Virginia Corman's and Phiala's pages translated into German.
Another German page on tablet weaving.
Metallic Trims
Metal trims and early period personae.
The Loomy Bin
Card and regular weaving stuff. Really cool java-based tabletweaving simulator.
Continuous Warping on a TWinkle Loom
The Rediscovery of Tablet Weaving
In German, but still a nice site; links, patterns, pictures. A work in progess, but I think it has a lot of potential.
Guntram's Tablet Weaving Samples and Patterns
I really like this guy! He had patterns and a program for designing patterns. Nice examples.
Guntram's Tablet Weaving Articles
Card Weaving by Bart & Robin Blankenship
Tissage aux Cartons
Canadian/French cardweaving site.
13th Century Brocaded Tablet Woven Band

Inkle Weaving
A resource portal for those who enjoy inkle weaving.


Stefan's Florilegium: Medieval Looms
Loom Types by Joanne Hall
Actually an article on using Jack looms. Some good tricks of the trade.
Leclerc Looms
High-quality Canadian-made looms.
10 Steps to Warping a Loom
Loom Construction References
Stefan's Florilegium: Looms
How to use the sample record card
A way to record your patterns and samples.
Build a Warp Weighted Loom
Mistress Barbara atte Dragon's web page. This lady is really sweet! Great pictures of her loom and tools. Super tips, if you have not used a WWL (some I had not read before!) There are also some good plans for a WWL, although you need to download the image to see it properly (sized too small on the page) -- it isn't too challenging for a novice, and it wouldn't require special tools other than a saw and drill to make. She even incorporates tablet weaving in the selvage, if you haven't seen good pictures of that. Glad to see her page return after hiatus... even better than it was in 2001!
The Warp-Weighted Loom: Some Sources
Recreating period fabric production
Great ongoing record of replicating medieval fabric on a warp weighted loom.
13th Century Spanish Loom
Warping and weaving on a warp-weighted loom
Warp Weighted Loom
In German, but still nice pictures.
A Weaver's View of the Catal Huyuk Controversy, by Marla Mallett
Backstrap Weaving
Backstrap Looms
Constructing a Warp-Weighted Loom
Warping your Loom
Warping your warp-weighted loom...
Glossary of Loom and Equipment Terms


Handweavers Guild of America, Inc.
Medieval Textiles Study Group
Complex Weavers Website
Tablet Weavers' International Studies & Techniques
An Tir Spinners Guild
Spun, Warped, and Twisted: Atlantia's Fiber Arts Guild
Contemporary Handweavers of Houston
Textile Museum of Canada

Equipment and Fiber Vendors

White Wolf and the Phoenix
I bought a loom from him. I was very pleased with the result.
Weaving Links
Robin and Russ Handweavers
Got my 6-hole hexagonal cards here. Tons of books and weaving supplies. If you want to buy from them, just give them a call. Do not rely on email, it doesn't get the same response.
Halcyon Yarn
Got tired of looking through the junk at Joann's and Wal-mart. They have really classy stuff! Online shopping is very easy.
Lacis Online Catalog
Nice online store; good selection of supplies. I got my laminated tablet weaving cards here.
Paradise Fibers
Raw fibers (flax, silk, wool), natural dyes, yarns and spinning equipment. Very easy to do business with.
Frelsi Farm
Icelandic sheep wool. I have not personally done business with them, but I include this link so you can check it out for yourself.
The Mannings Knitting, Weaving & Spinning Supply

General Weaving Links

Textiles and Weaving Links from Atlantia
Weaving Mailing List Archive
Clothing and Fabric Production
Double Hole Rigid Heddle Weaving
Faena: Past into Present
Nancy McKenna's site.
Ashenhurst's Formula
A better way to arrive at the sett for weaving.
Anglo-Saxon and Viking Crafts - Textiles
Digital Archive of Weaving Documents
Fabulous collection of weaving books online.
Basic Weave Structures
Viking Textiles
Tablet Weaving
Herveus' 3/1 twill patterns

Jacinth's Recommended Weaving Books:
The Techniques of Tablet Weaving, by Peter Collingwood
This book comes highly recommended as THE book to get on tablet weaving. It is out of print currently, but I hear it may reprint soon!
Ecclesiastical Pomp & Aristocratic Circumstance : A Thousand Years of Brocaded Tablewoven Bands, by Nancy Spies
THE book on brocaded tablet weaving. Excellent reference of historical finds as well.
Card Weaving , by Candace Crockett
A good beginners book on tablet weaving. It has been getting scarce in recent years, even though I have heard they are reprinting.
Card Weaving or Tablet Weaving, by Russel Groff
A good beginners book on threaded patterns.
Weaving Inkle Bands, by Harriet Tidball
One of the pioneers of rediscovering narrowwares as a craft. Inkle weaving is a great way for beginning weavers to learn about woven structure without a big outlay of dough.
Inkle Weaving, by Helene Bress
Considered THE book on inkle woven narrowware. A good "how-to" book.
Learning to Weave, Revised Edition, by Deborah Chandler
A good book for the beginning weaver. Goes into detail on instructions and has good pictures on warping, reading and designing drafts, and the basics of weave structures.


This is the latest craft I have begun to learn. While it is said to be difficult to learn solo, I have found a number of books that make this much easier to pick up. I think I have progressed, so when I have a work or two done, I'll try and photograph so you can see.
Naalbinding Basics
Stefan's Florilegium: Naalbinding
Practical Naalbinding
Good explanation how to start with a "Josephine Knot".
Anglo-Saxon and Viking Crafts - Nalebinding
Often used as a reference for nålbinding, this article gives a good overview of the craft.
Basic Naalbinding
Phiala has done this a bit... I see that her pictures of naalbinding use cording, much like Margrethe Hald's book, Ancient Danish Textiles from Bogs and Burials, and that made things easier to learn.
Nålbinding Techniques of the Viking Age
Basic Kit Guide - Socks
Examples of nålbinding socks. Specific mention of the York sock.
It's in Finnish, I think, but it has an examples of nålebinding in mittens, and in one place a sock. Instructions are included, starting work from the fingers. Not sure of the loop origin, but from the knots it looks like UUOO/UUOOO.
Nålbinding 101: Introduction to the "Åsle" stitch
I rather liked this one. Good pictures of how to do stitches, although they could be a little closer up.
Nalbinding: How I was taught to do it
In Norwegian, I believe. Nalbinding used for stockings.
A page on textiles mentioning nalebining (in Norwegian).
Viking York
Has a picture of 10th century naalbinding sock.
Viking Sock
Picture of a nalebinding sock. Looks like Coppergate variety.
Making Rugs with Old Toothbrushes
Naalbinding, essentially.
Nålbinding Samples from Excavations
Sigrid's page.
St. Birgitta's Hairshirt
Not sure if this is really nålbinding, but it is something to consider.
Nalbinding Article
Toothbrush Rugs
Kiara's Naalbinding Page


A descendant of nålbinding. Very good for period-type clothing articles.
Knitting Period Stockings
Hand Knit Hose
A focus on the Gunnister stockings. Yes, these are post-SCA-period, but they are done in a style that was used in Elizabeth I's time.
Medieval Egyptian Cotton Sock
Documented replica. Well done!
Levantia - Textile Crafts
Some examples of egyptian knit socks and brocaded tablet weaving.
Free Sock Pattern
Denise's Toe-Up Sock
Acorn Caps
Fifteenth Century Men's Hats and how to knit one.
The Carnamoyle Stockings
Irish Wool Stockings from the 16th Century
Hand Knitting Links
Multiple useful links, calculators, hints, etc.
Socks 101
Knitting Bibliography
Sock Heel Summary
The different ways of doing heels (or not).
A Medieval Egyptian Sock
A knit sock from between 11th and 14th centuries.
Medieval Muslim Knitting
Nice basic paper, with mention of nålebinding. Tools
References for knitters, including a searchable multi-lingual glossary.
Free Mitten Pattern
Traditional Scandinavian-style (Lovikka) mitten pattern. There are even fulling instructions.
Wool Works: teaching kids to knit
Common Threads Fiber Art Store
Beginning knitting streaming video. Patterns, yarns, help.
Handmade Wooden Knitting Needles
Free Knitting Patterns
Learn to Knit and Crochet
Better Homes and Gardens Knitting Basics
Knitter's Review Web Links
Yes You Can Learn to Knit!
How to Make Socks With Any Weight Yarn
Basic Crew Socks
How to Calculate Your Own Personal Socks
An example of Andean Cross Knit Looping
From between 100-300 CE.
Kitchener Stitch
Knitted Hood Pattern
Stocking Museum
Gunnister Man
Knit Your Own Bonnet
Pattern taken from the 17th c. Plymouth Plantations knitting patterns. Writer identifies it as a cow-pat (I only know of one "cow-pat", and I certainly wouldn't wear it on my head)... maybe a flat hat?
Donna Kenton's Stocking Pattern
Yarnfwd Thrummed Mittens
Knit mittens pattern using thrums (for two needles).
Thrummed Mittens
Another knit mittens pattern using thrums (for two needles).
Thrum hat
Definition - thrum hat is actually cloth, while thrum cap refers to knit variety. Thrumming in knits produces a fleece on the inside, similar to rya.
The Witch of Brentford
An OOP (c. 1877) example of a thrummed hat. Mentioned in Shakespeare, "Merry Wives of Winsor": quoth Mistres Page -- "On my word it will serue him: shee's as big as he is: and there's her thrum'd hat, and her muffler too" (Act 4, Scene 2)
Thrum Cap
Modern approach, has pictures of inside of hat with long ends...
Scottish Knitting Sheaths
Fulled Socks
Monmouth Caps
Knitting a Split-Toe Sock
Mary Rose Knitted Items
Irish Knitted Stocking
Gunnister Stocking
I think you need to be a member to see this, but there are lots of things in the files that are useful if you join.
Socknitters Homepage


A Brief History of Lace in the 1500's
Period Lace Styles
Lacemaking Links
Needle Lace Annotated Bibliography
Useful for finding lace references, not only needle lace.
An overview of the different types of historical lace (not all SCA period).
Christine England's Bobbin Lace Links
The Costumer's Manifesto: Lace and Needlework Links
Bobbin Lace
Cool site, has a program for generating grids for lace making and many links. Discussion of different types of lace. Very useful.
Lace Reference Links
Needle Lace
Reticella Handout
Color in Period Lace
A handout by Branwen Scholastica.
Leisa's Tape Lace Page
A lot of lace resources here, and examples of the different types of laces.
Bobbin Lace Patterns
Even without ordering the book, there are really good pictures of lace on the site.
Les Singvliers Et Novveaux Povtraicts
A period lace manual.
Bobbin Lace Lessons
Lace Identifcation
A First Lesson in Bobbin Lace
Lace Fairy
This is a really nice site; she even has instructions on how to make different kinds of pillows!
Maeve's Block Pillow
Lace Pillows
Building a Lace Pillow Stand
Lacemaking Bobbins - Tools of the Trade
Reticella and "Punto in Aria" Lace
Helpful guide to two period styles of Renaissance lace, reticella and punto in aria.
The Lefkara Lace Home Page
Jo Edkins' Lace School
A site with lessons on bobbin lace. Pretty neat! Where was this when I was having problems with footsides?
Van Sciver Bobbin Lace
Great folks to do business with... fast and friendly. I can't say enough good stuff... and oh, the book list!!
16th Century Bobbin Lace
Making the Laces of Le Pompe
Picture Gallery of Laces, Tools, and Terms
Choosing Lace for SCA Garb (1500-1600)

Jacinth's Recommended Lace Books:
The Technique of Bobbin Lace, by Pamela Nottingham
A book for beginners and experts; it has instructions on doing a variety of different laces and is relatively concise.
The Bobbin Lace Manual, by Geraldine Stott
Good beginners book with excellent diagrams and prickings. Ideas for rigging equipment.
Italian Lace Designs : 243 Classic Examples (Dover Pictorial Archive Series), by Elisa Ricci
This book is inspirational only. While it has many historical examples of lace (in many different types), it has no prickings or diagrams whatsoever.
Renaissance Patterns for Lace and Embroidery; An Unabridged Facsimile of the 'Singuliers Et Nouveaux Pourtraicts' of 1587. , by Frederico Vincolo
Historically accurate patterns for the reenactor. It is non-instructional, but useful for making reticella or filet lace.
Pictorial Archive of Lace Designs : 325 Historic Examples (Dover Pictorial Archive Series) , by Carol Belanger Grafton
Just a picture book of different types of lace. There are no prickings or diagrams here, either. One thing that did dissapoint me was there is no frame of reference for the pictures (era, country of origin, etc), but nice to look through.


European Tapestry Production, 1400-1600 A.D.
Lots of great pictures.
Centre de Tapis Delclaux - Technique
Discussion of the steps of settting a very large tapestry loom. Interesting process.
A Look at Tapestry
The Oseberg Tapestry/horned Helmet
The History of French Tapestry
Wiehler Gobelin Tapestry
Soumak and Kelim Weaving of the Caucasus
History of tapestry weaving. PDF of a Powerpoint presentation.
Coptic Style Tapestry
The Överhogdal tapestry
Discussion on the dyes/colours used in the tapestry.
Tapestry Weaving
Norse Tapestry
Reproduction Norse items... other things are there that might be of interest to a re-enactor.
An Archive of Tapestries and Tapestry Histories Homepage
A clumsy page, but has a few nice pictures.
The Weaving Technique and Production of the Baldishol Tapestry
Tapestry Weaving on a WWL
Tapestry Weaving Techniques

Spinning and Dyeing

Tips for Preparing and Hand Spinning Fibers
Books on Spinning, Felting & Raising Fiber Animals
Spin-Off Magazine
Apart from being a neat magazine, there is also information about their back issues, in case you want to bid for one on eBay.
Aurora Silk
Site with silk threads and natural dyestuffs, as well as silkworm eggs. Lots of additional information, including raising your own silkworms (will have to try sometime); an interesting browse! Vegan silk supplier.
Woolgatherers Home Page
Interesting stuff on spinning, weaving, and dyeing. Also the home of the wonderful "FlaxCam"!

Judging Wool
The Role of Crimp in Textiles
Breeds of Livestock - Sheep Breeds
Sheep Breeds Swap
Info about the different types of sheep and their wool characteristics.
This is a vendor page. I have not done business with them (yet), but they do have undyed 60/2 silk! Imagine coloring your own silk for projects.
Chinese Silk and the Silk Road
Thai Silk Village: How Silk is Produced
The Inside Out of Silk
Linen resource page.
Hamilton Dry Goods
Reasonably priced linen and wool cloth.
Fabric Identification - The Burn Test
Spinning Straw into Gold
Flax Spinning
Ancient Egypt: Flax and Linen
Flax and Linen
Flax and Textile Photo Album
Cool pictures of folks preparing flax and spinning.
How to Raise Silk Worms
Silkworm information, also lots of stuff on natural dyes (and supplies).
Rearing Silk worms
Interesting site with lots of info besides silkworms. It is the contents of a book published in 1881.
Ancient Sheep Breeds
Horsehair as a Textile
by Kerstin Fröberg. Nice background on the uses of horsehair.

Fiber Preparation
Instructions for wool combs and hackles
Preparing wool for spinning; an ancient art.
Fiber Preparation Tools
Various pictures of tools available from The Woolery.
Fleece and Fiber Preparation
Free Online Information Sheets
Information about the cleaning and skirting of wool.
Silk Reeling and Testing Manual
Not period, but really interesting!
A timehonored tradition.
Urine, Fleece & Natural Dyes
Before you say "eeuugh!!", check this interesting article about cleaning fleece with urine.
Skirting a Fleece for Carding
Handling and Marketing Wool
Producing and Marketing Wool

Dye Recipes from the Innesbruck Manuscript
From Caveman to Chemist: Dye
Natural dyeing with recipes.
Fröjel Gotlandica Viking Re-enactment Society
Lots of viking information. In the documents area, there is an article on dyes and dyeing.
Den virtuella floran
Cool page on flora (in Swedish).
Liber Herbarum II
This and the above link are meant to help you identify possible dye plants; i.e. they have good pictures; multilingual site.
Color in Lowerclass Elizabethan Clothing
Kathryn of the Hills' Dye Book
Covers instructions for dyeing, mordanting, and making dyes.
The Woad Page
I heard that this plant may be considered a pest in my area... and therefore illegal to propagate? Be responsible and check on it before you grow it.
Medieval Gardens
They kept many types of plants in their gardens, and some were used in dyeing cloth...
History of Dyes from 2600BC to 20th Century
Viking Age Dyestuffs
Noxious Weeds in the US and Canada
A listing of all blacklisted plants that you might consider for dyeing.
Plant Database with Pictures
You might find this helpful, if you are looking for plants for dying.
Textorics Colors
A page for dyeing... they do the dyeing, but at least you get an idea of what the various natural dyes can do.
Dye Supplies and Recipes
Lesson plans, recipes, etc.... All Fiber Arts comes through again.
The Överhogdal tapestry
Discussion on the dyes/colours used in the tapestry.
Orchil, the Poor Person's Purple
Index of Dye Recipes
From a book by William Partridge published in 1823.
Dark Age Colours
Brief article about Viking age dyes and a color picture with samples. Mentions cochineal, which is, of course, very late period. Has reds, yellows, couple of blues but no greens. No description of what dyes comprise the picture, so take with a grain of salt.
An Historical Overview of Dyes, Dying, and Fabric Colors in the Renaissance
To make a Beautiful Colour
Period Trade Dyes in the 16th century.

Handspinning with a Drop Spindle
Serves as a short introduction. Has a couple of books listed.
Spindlitis help page
How-tos on using a drop spindle.
Let's Ask Stefie!
A "Dear Abbey" style format for fiber arts such as spinning and dyeing fibers.
How to use a drop spindle, plus some more information about spinning and dyeing.
Introduction to Spinning
Yarn Thickness and Counts
Ball winding with a Nostepinde
An easy and cheap way of making yarn balls.
AnneLiese's Fibers and Stuff
Info on spinning linen and dressing distaffs.
Icelandic Wool Article
Discusses spinning lopi.
Nostpinne Instructions
Nostpinde Instructions
Spinning with an In-the-Hand Spindle
How to use the Drop Spindle
High-whorl instructions.
Spinning with a Drop Spindle
Low-whorl instructions.
Kingdom of Ealdormere: Spindle Spinning
Spinning with Simple Tools
Spindle Spinning Instructions from Grafton Fibers
Has some good info, also talks a bit about plying. I was interested to learn a little about using a looped leader in starting out; maybe that is why I have so much trouble beginning. Nice tip!

Jacinth's Recommended Spinning & Dyeing Books:
Wild Color , by Jenny Dean
This book I a fabulous book on natural dyes and dying. I was pleasantly surprised by the many photos of plants (large enough that you can tell what you are looking for if you are wildcrafting), and pictures of the actual dye process. I heartily recommend this book!
A Weaver's Garden, by Rita Buchannan
A good read. Lots of information on growing your own garden of natural dye plants.
The Art and Craft of Natural Dyeing : Traditional Recipes for Modern Use, by J. N. Liles
Just like it says, lots of recipes and full of factual information.
The Alden Amos Big Book of Handspinning, by Alden Amos
The most complete book about spinning that I have found to date.
The Weaving, Spinning, and Dyeing Book, by Rachel Brown
A lot of good information about different weaving techniques, including tablet weaving, too.

Braiding and Kumihimo

A Few Medieval Braids
Anglo_Saxon and Viking Crafts - Braid Weaving
Really nice background on this aspect of decoration. Actually part of a larger site detailing all aspects of a viking village... all living. You might like to check it out for yourself.
Fifteenth-Century Fingerlooped Braid Reproductions
Kumihimo Glossary
Kumihimo - Seite der Kloeppelkiste
German kumihimo site.


Textile Resources for the Re-enactor
Ravensgard Costuming and Textiles Page
Gavvin's Keep: Ladies' Solar
Lotherne Experimental Archaeology: Sprang
Texas Cultural and Arts Network: Crafts - Weaving and Needle Craft
Turkish Kilim Symbols
Bet you didn't know that the Ram's Horn pattern symbolized male fertility, heroism, power and masculinity.
Feltmaker's List FAQ
Textile Conservation
Conservation Articles
Fabulous page of links on museum conservation; well worth browsing.
Abegg Stiftung
Swiss Textile Museum outside of Bern; I visited it in 2002. All I can say... for a textile addict it was like going to Church! Simply wonderful!!
Soumak Weaving for the Beginner
Gutman Library Internet Textile Links (History of Textiles)
Coptic Textiles
A really good site with pictures on coptic textiles, and the archeological aspect of them.
The Medieval Beadwork Page
Useful docs for using beadwork on garb.
Yahoo! Groups: SCA-Bead
Calontir Fiber and Needle Guild Textile Links
Internet Resources for Fibre Arts
Free Charts
Medieval Period: Industry
Good description of fulling, among other things.
Historical Quilting
Norsk Folkemusemus filmautomat
Super cool films of old Norse handcrafts. Especially interesting to me: films of warp-weighted looms and warping them in use!! Greneveving! A must SEE! To use: click on the film you want to see, then when the page refreshes choose a speed from the lower right corner, that should bring up the movie you want. Have fun!

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