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Many SCA sites have repeat information and links, as we all have a need of this information; however, I include many of these as representation of what other groups are doing on the Internet as well as for links that are unique to that site. In most cases, I have already extracted the links I am most interested in (but you may find others that you like/need that I haven't kept).

General Info

Newcomer's Guide
Introduction to the SCA
Some pages put together by the Ansteorran Hospitaller's Office. Good place to start if you are in Texas or Oklahoma.
The Chatellaine's Box
Great general information about the SCA. A nice place to start, if confusing and full of good info for someone who is trying to help newbies out.
Medieval Era - Historical Reenactment - Net Links
The Mining Company usually has a lot of links, but they change every day. I keep this link here so it will be easy to check on a regular basis if desired.
Publications of interest to the SCA
Ansteorran and SCA mailing lists
Easy, one-stop shopping for medieval/SCA topic mailing lists.
A site devoted to bringing SCAers together and helping them locate each other.
Pennsic War
Alexander's Pennsic War Page
Bodkin and Bolt
An online magazine devoted to SCA archery.

Local Groups

The An Tir Handbook
Welcome to the Shire of Quintavia
Society for Creative Anachronism in Champaign-Urbana
Gleann Abhann's Ambassador Newsletter
People and Groups in the SCA
Ravensgard Medieval Homepage
SCA Kingdom and Principality Awards
The Barony of Septentria
The Kingdom of Galandor
This is NOT an SCA group, however they do know how to use a web page... By and large, SCA pages are rather ho-hum. I guess they are out doing medieval stuff, rather than hacking at a computer like me.
Shire of Darach
Nice little graphics. Simple page... quite nice.
The Barony of the South Downs
Creative use of space... nice to look at.


The Herald's Cry
SCA Society-Wide Event Listings

Arts & Sciences

Internet Medieval Sourcebook
Celtic Art and Illumination
Freeware art and cross-stitch patterns for the Celt at heart.
Leicester School of Archaeology & Ancient History
A varied collection of links... a real treasure mine.
The Medieval Science Page
Medieval Clip Art
Every Celtic Thing on the Web (Arts)
Kathryn's Kip
"A Visit to Warwick and Kenilworth Castles"
Obsidian's Lair
Medieval Sources
Kalena's Castle
This one's pretty nifty! Wander through a virtual castle!!
Ansteorran Publications and Information
Thora Sharptooth

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