Organizations and Affiliations

The Society for Creative Anachronism
My medievalist club.
The Kingdom of Ansteorra
The kingdom in which I live.
The Barony of Raven's Fort
My local chapter of the SCA doesn't have an official webpage yet, so I made one here.
Houston Museum of Natural History
I really enjoyed the Cockrell Butterfly exhibit.
National Aeronautics and Space Administration
NASA's Main Homepage.
Johnson Space Center - NASA
Mission Control Center for the Shuttle
Goddard Space Flight Center - NASA
Home of the Hubble Space Telescope
Kennedy Space Center - NASA
Spaceport USA.
List of live audio/video broadcast feeds for NASA Telecasts, high-speed links only available during special events. Requires RealPlayer to view.
Hubble Heritage Project
Compilation of photos from the HST, sponsored by The Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy, Inc.
Sam Houston State University
My alma-mater...
SHSU Chemistry Department
Did I mention I have a BS in Chemistry? Go figure...
Space Day Site
A site devoted to promoting space exploration.
Houston Aeros Official Homepage
HEY! They are the 1999 Turner Cup Champions!! You know, hockey is one of the most interesting sports... much better than baseball or basketball... ;) Perhaps you would be interested in more of my links about hockey?
Rice University - Space Physics & Astronomy
I guess you can tell I like the sciences. They occasionally host lectures, too...
International Dark-Sky Association
I support this wholeheartedly. I have lived in so many places ruined by the brightness of poorly installed outdoor lighting. I am not against outdoor lights, mind you, but there are ways to control them in such that they do not ruin what used to be taken for granted... Our Nighttime Sky! Read this to find out more!
The Folger Shakespeare Library
A great place for primary resources. I've been to the actual library in Washington D.C., and it is a must see if you are over by the Library of Congress buildings.
Another site for planting trees. Won't you plant a tree?

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