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Weird Science
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World Holidays
Exercise and Weight Loss
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Personal Friend's Pages

L.E.E.s Home Page
My Boyfriend's Page with useful links to guns, gaming, and computer resources. If you are interested, here is a picture of us.
Detlef's Place
One of my friends pages...
CopyKat Creations
Great Recipes! Ever wonder how that restaurant made that dish? My friend Stephanie is a great cook...

Entertainers and Entertainment

Web White and Blue
Voting resources... know the candidates and their platforms before you cast that ballot!
World Currency Exchange
A currency converter... pretty cool!
Center for the Easily Amused
This is an upcoming SCUBA/snorkeling event in Houston.
Sabria's Guide to Pern Online
I've always enjoyed the Pern books by Anne McCaffrey, and I found this site to be entertaining.
Ain't It Cool News
Nessie on the Net in Scotland!
The Obituary Page
JoBlo's Movie Reviews
More ways to waste your time.
Dead People Server
Find out whether the famous folk are here or gone. Morbidly amusing.
Rotten Tomatoes
The Doctor is In!
rec.music.dementia homepage
Dumb Laws
James Randi Educational Foundation
Not really an entertainer, but definitely a personality.

"Weird Al" Yankovic Links

The Official "Weird Al" Yankovic Web Page
Al-oholics Anonymous!
Really spiffy Al quiz game...
Weird Al: The Saga Begins
ALRIGHT!! New video to accompany the new Album (Running With Scissors) release 6/28/99. Check out the video... you will never listen to American Pie the same way again!
Raven's Weird Al Lists
Very strange lists of Weird Al related items...

Monty Python Links

The Holy Grail
Shakespearean Insulter
Monty Python's Daily Llama
Monty Python's Flying Circus
MontyPython.net The Ultimate Monty Python Site

The Lord of the Rings

TheOneRing.net - Lord of the Rings Movie News and Rumors
Ringbearer.org: Movie News Site for Tolkien Trilogy
This one is pretty cool, see who they have picked to play what in the upcoming movie as they sign them...
New Line Cinema: The Lord of the Rings Movie Site

Hockey Pages

The Official Houston Aeros Homepage
The 1999 Turner Cup Champions!!
Houston Aeros and hockey pages
The American Hockey League
Pro Ice Hockey
In the Crease - AHL
An online hockey magazine; this is the AHL section.

Weather and Cam Sites

NOAA Texas Weather
You can find all current watches and warnings here, among other things.
NOAA Interactive Weather Information Network
Realtime interface for your desktop for local weather.
Tommy's List of Live Cam Worldwide
If you are a voyeur at heart, this is a page featuring MANY webcams from all over.
EarthCam - Webcam Network
They're still working out the bugs, but it has promise. The view from the book depository in Dallas is no big deal... poor taste or not.


Spacelink - Satellite Tracking
J-Pass Generator - Email
Use your home PC for SETI?
Help add compute power! You aren't doing anything with those extra cycles anyway...
Near Earth Object Dynamics Site
IAU Commission 26 Information Circulars
SPA News Circulars
Comet Observation Home Page
Comet Ephemerides
Society for Popular Astronomy
Campaign for Dark Skies

Weird Science

Strawberry Pop-Tart Blow-Torches
Cool Science Websites
Experimente fuer jung und alt
Yeah, I know this is in German, but many of the links are in English... ;)

Midi Pages

I have also found pages with Hawaiian and Medieval/Celtic/Et. al.

A MIDI Tutorial
The MIDI Farm Internet
MIDI Mania
The Boss's Midi Favorites
Adventureland MIDI
Searching the Internet for a Certain MIDI File
I've actually had pretty good luck with this one. Anyone hear of better?
Midi Files I Enjoy
Jan's Sing-along Page

Anime and Other Animated Beings

I've really gotten turned on to Sailor Moon.
Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon
This is a really cool site! Not all of Sailor Moon's TV shows have been dubbed into English, so here is the place to get the scoop on the other episodes. There's a lot more to the story!
The Sailor Senshi Page
Well done site with reviews, news, and other things you can use. Good all-around site.
Anime on DVD: The Complete Guide to Sailor Moon
Breakdowns on the seasons, storylines, etc.
Nimuway's New Sailor Moon Page
This site has Sailor Moon Solitaire... ;)
Starship Troopers Recruiting
I have gotten addicted to this show. As far as CGI animated series, this one really impressed me.
Routevenus Sailor Moon
Animation Magazine Homepage
The Sailor Moon RPG
This is not the same RPG as put out as Guardian's of Order. I include it as a curiousity, but no more. I thing the GOO books are superior to anything I have found. :)
Tokyo Pop
These guys publish a lot of anime. I have discovered that they also have republished the Sailor Moon manga with the original art, but in english. Much better than the anime!!
Scout's Palace
Sailor Moon Fan Site
Save our Sailors Campaign Headquarters
Do-It-Yourself Odango
If you like Sailor Moon's doo... an easy way to become a "meatball-head".
Emulated Sailor Moon Games
Glass Tokyo Sailor Moon Roleplaying Game
Still not the GOO books, but interesting.
Astral's Sailor Moon Page
Sailor Moon MIDI Bank
Sailormoon Lyrics
Castle in the Sky - Sailor Moon
Lyric Moon
You Know You Watch Too Much "Original" Sailor Moon When
Usagi and Mamoru.com
Sailor Moon Universe
HaRuKa Tenoh's Mansion
Subtitled Anime Lists
Meatball Head Moon Page (Sailor Moon)
Prince David's Sailor Moon and Prince Darien Page
VKLL Webpage
FanSubbed Anime; supposedly one of the best quality.
Anime Web Turnpike
Anime Web Turnpike: FanSubs
Fansub Database
Sailor Moon FanSubs
Looked everywhere for the subbed versions of SM, and found this place.
Project Anime Network
*~Usagi Koneko~*
Off-beat Sailor and Anime Site, cute stuff... even some fun Japanese words.
FanSub Lins
Anime Godessess
ChibiKris's Fansubs
Seems like a nice site... complete collection of SM.
Rurouni Kenshin List
Has a full listing of SM.
Nice looking site, but I HATE FRAMES!
Manga Style! v6.5
Sailor Moon Manga site.
The Shoujo Manga Home Page
Nightfall Sailor Moon
Eternal Sailor Moon Heaven
Official #Sailorfriends IRC Homepage
Sailor Moon - Delia's Site
Sailor Moon Universe
The Sailor Moon Collection
SM art and many other things!

World Holidays

These generally have some personal meaning for me, but it is interesting to know what is happening elsewhere in the world.
Tanabata falls on my birthday. They don't always celebrate it on that day, but that is the "official" day. Wonderful coincidence that one of my hobbies is astronomy. :)
Hiratsuka Tanabata Page
Seventh Night of the Seventh Moon


You know, I keep killing my trees, and I only just found out that Blue Spruce doesn't do well indoors. OOOPS! Well, maybe I'll try again.
The Bonsai Site
A very comprehensive site. I was very impressed with it's scope.
American Bonsai Society
Bonsai Web
Index of Bonsai Species
Bonsai Center
Glory of Bonsai

Exercise and Weight Loss

This is something I don't do enough of, but I am working on it.
At Home With Richard Simmons
I know folks like to make fun of him, but I think he's great. I believe him to be a genuine person. :) The videos are fun!
Tae-Bo Home Page
I haven't tried this, but it looks like fun. I have read a little about it, and the words of warning are that you should go slow and build up or you might pull something.
Denise Austin
This is just one bookmark for Denise Austin. I have a few of her videos, and she can really give a good workout.

Knights of the Dinner Table

For any Gamer, this is a great mag.
Hoody Hoo Cartoons
Kewl animated cartoons, etc.
Knights of the Dinner Table Club at Yahoo
Kenzer and Company Home Page
Home of KODT and Fairymeat.


As I publish a newsletter, sometimes this information comes in handy.
Copyright Registration Procedures
Copyright Law and the Public Domain
Is that Photo In Public Domain?
Copyright Protection: What It Is, How It Works
Copyright Ownership: Who Owns What?
Common Myths About Copyright Law and Collage
CCCC-IP Resource Guide
All kinds of documents about intellectual property and copyright.
Masterpiece Galleries Art Advice: Art and the Public Domain
When Works Pass into the Public Domain
New Rules for Using Public Domain Materials
How to Determine Copyright Status
10 Big Myths about copyright explained
When Copying is Ok -- The 'Fair Use' Rule
Copyright's Commons
Opposing Copyright Extension
Music in the Public Domain
Copyright and Public Domain
Proof of Public Domain
The UT System Crash Course in Copyright

Books and Authors

English Server Fiction Collection
Project Gutenberg
Free books online.
The Jane Austen Information Page
The Middle English Compendium
The On-Line Books Page
The Internet Classics Archive
The Internet Public Library
Most excellent resource of public domain text online, as well as supplementary sites for those interested in more.
Stephen Hawking
Jean Auel's Earth's Children
Dune Index
Dune, 7th Book


I am hardly ever home, but when I am, I like to cook. Here are some sites for non-medieval cooking that I have found favor with. I have also cooked medievally, and I like Hawaiian food.
Joe's Cyber Kitchen
Culinary Cafe
Pampered Chef


Reynolds Wrap Foil Recipies
Top Secret Recipes
Look alike recipes of your favorite chain.
The Ultimate Cookbook
Margarita's Favourite Recipes
A hodgepodge of nationalities are represented. Pretty neat!
Three Recipes for Roasting Chestnuts:
Roasted Chestnuts
Roasted Chestnuts: a rare treat, and versatile too. - Italian Cuisine
Roasted Chestnut Recipe
Arielle's Recipe Archives

Map Links

Map Machine @ nationalgeographic.com
Microsoft Expedia maps
Maps of United States National Parks and Monuments
Panoramic Maps Collection
Census Tiger Mapping Service

Public Records

Free People Searches
USTP Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)
The Federal Judiciary Homepage
Southern District of Texas Home Page
Investigator's Toolbox - Online Resources for Researchers

PC Games

These are just some of the games I've been into lately. I get frustrated sometimes and research them... these are just some of the links.

Scott's Addictions: Afterlife
GamePower - Afterlife (What WE say)
Walkthroughs of Computer Games
Monty Python's Complete Waste of Time Walkthrough
Old games for use with interpreters.
Newest game to get hooked on.
Impressions Gamesj
The company that put out Pharaoh.
Site with good information about the game.
Pharaoh Heaven
Really good 3rd party site about the game details.
The Sims 2
Harry Potter Cheats and walkthroughs... doesn't require dumb password and spam account. :)
Harry Potter Cheats
Better list than some other places I have found.
Making copy of LEGAL games that you own.

Gaming Resources

Guardians of Order
This company has a Sailor Moon RPG that is pretty good. The resource book is excellent. Over the next months, they will be releasing supplements for the system, which I am really looking forward to...
AD&D Free Stuff
AD&D Class: Battlemage
New Classes and Character Kits for Mystara

Yiddish Links

A Glossary of Yiddish Expressions
The History and Development of Yiddish
Yiddish Translations

Houston Computer Jobs

WAGEWEB: Information Management Salary Data
Houston Metro Job Search


Corvidae: Crows, Magpies, Jays [and Ravens]
The Raven's Aviary - The Corvidae Family
American Society of Crows and Ravens
Hrafn - Raven
Picture of a raven on a stamp.
Raven's Aviary
Best overall page on ravens.
Free Bird Clipart
Ravens, crows, wildlife Information
Facts about Ravens

Palm Pilot Links

3Com | Palm Computing

Rocks and Stones

I am not one of these people who believe all rocks mean something, but when I was asked if I knew anything about the derivation of my name, Jacinth, I did some checking.
The Mineral and Gemstone Kingdom

Disney Links

A series of links dealing with our recent vacation to Orlando...

La Nouba
The Virtual Tiki Room
This attraction was completely ruined at Disney World. They re-did the show, and now it is "Under New Management". This link goes to the original. While you are at the site, sign the petition to save the original show at Disneyland (fortunately they haven't changed it yet, so there is hope).

DVD and Home Theatre Electronics

I bought a Toshiba DVD-4109 and a Sima SVS-4 and have been extremely pleased with both.
DVD Buying Guide from Amazon.com
S-Video Selectors
SIMA SVS-4 Review

Credit and Finance

Having had an ex-husband who was financially inept... (his name was William Alan Horton and he declared bankruptcy in Spring of 1999), here is some food for thought.
Electronic Credit Repair Kit
No one can repair credit, but you can dispute incorrect stuff.
Mortgage 101
Equifax Contact Information


I haven't gotten one of these yet, but I just won one. Let's see what they are all about. Funny how folks can get rabid over these and Beanie Babies (which I don't collect).
Furby Home
The Faboulous Furby Fan Page
FYI Furby Page
Furby Facts
Furby Autopsy
Destroy your furby, void your warranty, amaze your friends!
Marius's Furby Page
This one is particularly cool, as it records Furby communications with PalmPilots. :)
Electronic Furby
Hack Furby
Furby Fest

Out-of-Print and Foreign Language Books

I frequently find that the best book for a particular craft is out of print. Here is a list of places that I like to do book shopping (besides eBay).
Advanced Book Exchange
I have found quite a few here. This one has given me the best results.
Amazon.com Rare and Used Books
Search for New, Out of Print and Used Books
Books being printed on demand. Haven't found anything I've been looking for, but maybe you will.
Heritage Archaeological Books
Antiqurian Booksellers Association of America
Bibliophile net
AddALL Book Search and Price Comparison
Elephant Books
Powell's Books
Online Bookseller of professional Book
Archetype Books
I have ordered copies of NESAT 4-6 here.
Used and Rare Books for sale online.
ISBN Used Book Search
Many of the major used book dealers are checked through here, I guess.
Scandinavian Art Consulting
Importer of books on Scandinavian arts. I have found them to be responsive in answering questions about book requests.
Swedish Craftbook Site
Oxbow Books
Lots of good books on arhaeology, philosopy, and history in general. Hard to find titles.
Books on Norwegian Handcrafts
Swedish, Finish, Norwegian, Danish and Icelandic book supplier.
Scandinavian Antiquarian Book Links
Svenska Antikvariatföreningen

Road Rage

Can't we just give peace a chance?
Road Rage/Ugly increase in acts of freeway fury
Road Rage Webring
Yahoo: Road Rage

Online Dictionaries & Translation Resources

I do a heck of a lot of translations.
Textil Sector Dictionary
German Textile dictionary online.
List of Dictionaries
Online dictionaries from all over....
Free online translations... will do webpages. I think this is the one that drives Babelfish.
LEO English/German dictionary
English-Swedish Online Dictonary
The Internet Dictionary Project
FH Fulda DVZ
English/German translator.
Multiple language translator. Probably the best one I have seen yet; at least, the most comprehensive. When you translate web pages, you get all the pictures in the right places, too, not just the text.

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