I have a passing interest in these, but I haven't the time to do them now. I include them here for those who may decide to take up the torch...


Soap Making
Paper Making
Rose Beads
Hair-Braiding, Accessories, and other Miscellanea

Soap Making

I have started to do this! I've only made one batch, but it is a lot of fun!
Traditional Soap Making
Medieval Technology Pages - Soap
Soapmaking in the Current Middle Ages
Soap and Soapmaking
They have cosmetic-grade scents here, and the prices are reasonable. I've done business with them before, and they are very friendly!
Majestic Mountain Sage
You can purchase hard-to-find oils from them. I think Sweetcakes is a little less expensive on the scents, too... but if you need stuff, get it.
Candle making and Soap making Projects at AllCrafts
I dearly love this site. There is so much free info out here about all kinds of crafts. Browse for fun!!
Candle and Soap Making Information

Jacinth's Recommended Soap Book:
Soap: Making It, Enjoying It, by Ann Bramson
This is the best all-around book for beginners. Easy to read and understand, it is very inexpensive and a wonderful value.

Paper Making

TAPPI Paper University
Making Paper at Home
Papermaking - The Briar Press Method
Make Homemade Paper
Medieval Technology Pages - Paper


The Candle Cauldron
The Essential Survival Guide to Candle Making
Neat, but I really hate having the advertising at the head of the page.

Rose Beads

How to Make Rose Petal Beads
Rose Petal Beads


Pat Johnson Enamels Enameling FAQ
Glossary of Metalsmithing and Enameling Terms
ENAMELIST.COM: Demonstrations
Enameling Links
Links to Enamel Sites

Hair-Braiding, Accessories, and other Miscellanea

Useful Arts, Sciences, and Medieval History Links
SCA-ARTS Listserv Citation Index
This site has a new address... so you may need to change your bookmarks if you haven't been there lately. There is also an alternate link that gives you advertising, but may be easier to remember.
SCA Arts and Sciences Homepage
How to Upbraid Your Friends
Nice little page on hair braiding. One thing I have noticed about the Internet, everyone wants to sell you a video to do this rather than just post instructions.
Articles by Cynthia Virtue

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