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Knights Jousting in a medieval manuscript.

Primers and Other "How-to" Documents
Book Binding
Historical Works
Examples of Contemporary Works
Background and Historical Info
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Knights Jousting in a medieval manuscript.

A Scribble

Primers and Other How-To Documents

A Primer in Calligraphy and Illumination
Best all-around primer I've seen yet online. Written by Åke Eldberg.
Scribal Demonstrations and Displays
If you are ready to show your stuff off, this one's got some pointers for you.
Scribe's Handbook
Lessons for Beginner Scribes on How to Illuminate Pre-printed SCA Scrolls
Stefan's Florilegium
Nice summary article on the techniques in paintings of the Renaissance.
Kingdom of the Outlands Scribe's Handbook
Helpful hints and pointers.
Calligraphy and Illumination Links
Boy, have I hit the jackpot... For any who is interested, the Kingdom of Atlantia has a WONDERFUL collection of articles online having to do with Calligraphy and Illumination. Written by our own "peers" if you know what I mean! Those Atlantian's are really with it. :)
Known World Scriptorium
Lochac College of Scribes
The Middle Kingdom Scribe's Handbook
By Randy Asplund, Third edition, 2001. Very much worth a looksee for some practical advice on scribal works.
Vellum Gallery of Calligraphy, Illumination, and Letter Arts
Bookbinding and the Conservation of books
Italian Renaissance Style Scrolls
Introduction to SCA Calligraphy
Baron Morgan's Scriptorium
Kingdom of the Outlands Scribe's Handbook
Some Brief Notes on Gilding
Gilding Techniques


Kama Pigments
These folks really like their paint. They have online information about what is paint, dispersions, how to make paint, and recipes for binders. This is a real must if you want to try to do things from scratch.
Stefan's Florilegium: Period and SCA painting, terms used
Postings on the Rialto about references on paints and making them.
Materials of Medieval Illumination
A summary of materials....
Yolk as a binder in Books
On Making Paints
On Making Tempera Paint
Water size recipe
For use in gilding (in this case, glass).
Basic Scribes Equipment
Sinopia On-Line Pigment and Raw Artist Materials Catalogue
Illumination Supplies
Advanced Scribal Materials
Daniel Smith Gilding Supplies


Medieval European Calligraphy
Roman, Uncial, Carolingian, Gothic... this site is pretty nice.
Angelo's Learning Calligraphy Page
A beginning point for reference materials. Has some pointers for lefties.
Scriptorium Calligraphy Page
For those who can't do it, print it!

Book Binding

Jones on Bookbinding
Japanese Bookbining Techinque
Printing & Bookbinding
Actually has more wonderful sites on paper making and natural dyes.
Medieval Girdle Book

Historical Works

Ikons, Windows into Heaven
A delightful look into the craft of iconography (which I feel is close to early medieval illumination).
Tres Riche Heures du Duc de Berry
The quintessential example of a Book of Hours.
The first word out of my mouth when I saw this site was "OOOOOOH!" Good background information and links to other "megasites" of info.
Luttrell Psalter
Wonderful up-close pictures, along with information. Geared towards school-age kids in Britain, but nice all the same.
Oxford University Bodelain Library of Illuminated Pages
Vatican Exhibit Rome Reborn
Medieval Images
The British Library
You have to do a little digging here (darn frames), but worthwhile.
A large collection of links for medieval art, including manuscripts, sculpture, and the like.
Medieval Manuscripts
As if I don't have enough pictures... but this one has very nice descriptions along with them.
Concertina Book Instructions
Okay, this is making a simple book, but at least it's useful.
Make Blank Books, Sketch Books or Repair Paperback Books with a Simple Japanese Bookbinding Technique
Jones on Bookbinding
A Simple Book Repair Manual

Examples of Contemporary Works

Meg's Content
I looked long enough for this.... a modern example of "White Vine" Illumination.
Randy Asplund Medieval Illumination and Scribe Page
Pictures rather than references. Contemporary medieval art from an SCAer, and some information on medieval implements of the scribal arts.
On Illuminated Manuscripts
Wonderful collection here, too, of modern versions of medieval masterpieces (what a mouthful, huh?). Very much worth the look.
The Scroll for Sir Arafel

Background and Historical Info

Medieval and Renaissance Book Production: Manuscript Books
Can I say "Wow!"? This is a really good place to get the background on how they did it.
History of Books and Printing Links
Medieval Manuscripts: General Introduction
A page put together by the Utah Museum of Fine Art. A good introduction on different styles.
Medieval Manuscript Lesson Plans
The root page for the above reference. Gives more background and also points to pages with more detail.
Manuscripts, Paleography, Codicology
Creating French Culture: Monarchs and Monasteries
Medieval Manuscripts: General Introduction, What is Illumination?


The Art of Calligraphy, by David Harris
Wonderful book if you want to learn calligraphy. Terrific pictures and examples, coupled with historical references make this a great book. Also discusses materials, to an extent, which is usually excluded from most "teach me" books.
Medieval Calligraphy: It's History and Technique, by Marc Drogin
I can't say enough good things about Marc Drogin. If you want to learn authentic hands of the medieval era, this is the book for you. It was probably my first historical calligraphy book, and it is hard to recommend books without mentioning this one. It shows the strokes for each letter, and has many examples. It would have been nice to have color pictures, but for what it is it is super.
Calligraphy of the Middle Ages and How to Do It, by Marc Drogin
Another book by Drogin. Not as thick as the first one, but it has a lot of information about scribes in general, and their training.
Craftsman's Handbook, by Cennino d’Andrea Cennini
This book is a translation of a period text. Fantastic "how-to" book on medieval materials. Indepth look at how materials were made. Word of Warning: many of the components named in this book are toxic, and should be handled at your own risk. I found this great reading.
Practice of Tempera Painting, by Daniel V. Thompson
Good book on tempera paints. Discussions on pigments and their uses, binding agents, etc. If you are interested in making paints, you should read this.
Materials and Techniques of Medieval Painting, by Daniel Thompson
I liked this one. It covers the different types of medieval painting, book, panel, fresco, and others. It talks about materials and approaches and has a good section on gilding. A great companion for Craftsman's Handbook, you begin to grasp more of the techniques involved.
The Art of Medieval Manuscripts, by Krystyna Weinstein, Krystyne Weinstein

A Scribble

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