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This site is gorgeous! Pics and music, medieval and Renaissance literature. A real must see!
Arthuriana Home Page
Labyrinth Medieval Studies
Texas Medieval Society Page (Literature/Humanities)
Historians for the Study of Medieval Spain
Full of charters and other documents. Pictures are very nice.
Dan Moser's Medieval Resource Index
The Middle English Collection at the Electronic Text Center
Searchable public access Middle English Texts.
Baragona's Chaucer Home Page
References on Chaucer's works.
Bartlett's Quotations
I used to love reading this in high school... it confounded my teachers. ;)
Don Juan
The annotated Don Juan, a long poem by Lord Byron.
Art of War by Sun Tzu
Project Gutenberg
Eldritch Press
Bibliography of Women Writers in the Middle Ages
The Online Medieval and Classical Library
Oh, this is a goodie! In the disclaimer, it announces that all the texts are considered public domain to US users unless marked otherwise.
Medieval Texts On-Line


ARTFL Project
French-English online dictionary.
A Web of Online Dictionaries
Many, many dictionaries for a number of languages (even Xhosa, Gaelic, and Estonian)
Dictionary of Medieval Latin from Celtic Sources
Software with medieval latin abbreviations.
Medieval Latin: Texts and Notes
Scottish Language
Scottish Language & Culture Links
William Whittaker's Words
Online Latin Translation Software
Latin Dictionary and Grammar Aid
Perseus Project
Latin Parser and Translator
Ludus Sanae Mentis Latin
Lingua Latina (aka WinLatin)
Another Windoze Latin Translation Program
Words (LATIN)
Old English Pages

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