Argent, a yale rampant sable, armed and attired
Or, within a bordure compony erminois and vert
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Welcome! Who'd have thought that I would actually do this, but here is my webpage. I certainly didn't have much desire for one until I helped my friend Ray (who hasn't a site at the moment [i.e. the university uncerimoniously yanked it]) with his webpage for a class he was taking. It seemed that everyone was building a webpage, even my beloved Lee has one.

I have a broad range of interests, such as medieval history, sewing, calligraphy, and cooking; the type of links you will find at this site reflect this. By trade, I am a technical services consultant and specialize in Unix System Administration, Database Administration, and Networking. Please come and visit often, and send me email if you see something that pleases you or you want to share links that fit into the theme here. There are a lot of informational links, and I am always thinking of ways to better organize it; also, I am always adding more! I am especially interested in anything textile related.


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