Britannia: The Anglo Saxon Chronicle
ORB: The Online Resource Book for Medieval Studies
I was so impressed with their page on medieval publishing, I thought I would include the home page.... Again, I say "Wow!"
Old English Pages
Wonderful resources on the language, texts (how to work with web-based texts, fonts, etc.), art and history.
Medieval and Renaissance Fact and Fiction
Many links to historical documentation online. Recommended by the History Channel.
The Gunpowder Plot
An amusing page, dealing with the conspiracy to commit terrorism by Guy Fawkes in 1605, documents period the time circa 1600.
The Italian Renaissance
A nice view of the renaissance period in Italy.
Voice of the Shuttle
Art and Art History Resources on the Internet
Old Sword Play
Marvelous page on the history of rapier combat. Largely a commentary based on the works of Captain Alfred Hutton (Victorian author of The Sword and the Centuries).
Paul Halsall/Fordham University Internet History Sourcebooks
Lecture 9: Medieval Cities, Bruges and Florence
Medieval Technology Pages
Discovering Medieval Times
Steffan's Florilegium
Medieval Discussion Lists
Basic Research Tools for Medieval History
Castlefield's Medieval Links
Mr. Charon's "European Middle Age History" Connection
Archery History
Maxie the Magnificent History Fun Stuff
Therion's Arms & Armor Resources of the Web
Victor's Medieval Page
Medievalist: Medieval and Renaissance Living History
The Academia: A Public School of Defense
Exhibit: Magna Carta

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