Who are these people?


Medieval Naming Guide
All-important if you want to document your name.
Frequently Given Answers (That Are Wrong)
Name Books to Avoid When Documenting SCA Names
Dictionary of Period Russian Names
Surname History Index


The Kingdom of Ansteorra Order of Precedence
There is even a downloadable database for your PalmPilot with all the information in it.
The Kingdom of Anstorra College of Heralds
Heraldic Translator
Translate heraldic terms to many different languages. Cool!
Modar's Heraldry Page
Heraldry: The Primer
SCA - Heraldry
The page with links to the ordinary and armorial for our SCA
A site discussing aspects of heraldry, by François Velde.
The Great Hall of the Clans
A site devoted to genealogy and heraldry in Scotland.
Heraldry on the Internet
Here is a site that also features some heraldic clip-art and programs for drawing a coat of arms from descriptions!
Medieval Flags and Banners
Glencove Castle: Heraldry
Heraldry in Gilling Castle
The Yale: Heraldic Beast
The yale is my beast of choice... and this is the nicest page I've seen about them. By the way, my yale is a Bedford yale - with straight horns rather than curved.
Heraldic Games
So you want to be a herald? Here are some fun games. The only thing lacking is "Heraldic Twister".
Ar n-Eilean-ne Heraldry Links
Heraldic Clipart
Tempus Peregrinator's Little Heraldry Book
Heraldry Reference
Very slow page, but a lot of different resources. Not very up to date.
Heraldry and Clip Art

Pomp and Circumstance

This is to be a catch-all, mostly dealing with ceremony and orders.
Knightly Orders and International Nobility

Who are these people?

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