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Tank Essentials

Selecting Community Tank Fishes, For Dummies
Tank Set Up
Keeping your Fresh & Salt Water Tanks Clear
Steps to Setting Up an Aquarium
Fish Bowl Basics


Fish and Why They Die
Click the Sick Fish
Fish Disease and Cures
Symptom-Based Treatment of Common Discus Diseases (July 1998 Version)
Very useful... no guarantees, but could generally be applied to other species of fish.
When to Euthanize a Fish
The *.Aquaria FAQs: Contents


Robyn's Goldfish Page
My Goldfish Article
Goldfish Varieties
Goldfish Boy
RWT's Goldfish Information Page
Go-Go Goldfish
The Echo Goldfish Page
Dr. Johnson's Goldfish Pages
Goldfish Sanctuary

Tropicals & Etc.

Tetra Aquarium
You can build a tank here...
Tropical Fish Webpage
The Plecostomus Catfish
Robyn's Plecostomus Page


Bonnie Hale's Plant Pages
Hoa G. Nguyen's Freshwater Planted Aquarium
Recreation: Pets: Fish and Aquaria: Plants
Aquarium Plants on a Student Budget
How to Grow Beautiful Aquarium Plants (cheap)!
Aquarium Plants
Aqua Botanic
Aquatic Plants
Natural Aquariums
Tropica Aquarium Plants
Aquatic Plant Primer

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