I understand that this is a rather broad page, but until I break it down it follows the following categories:

Medieval and Renaissance Dance
Medieval and Folk Midi and Music
Medieval Drama and Prose
Medieval Games
Falconry and Hunting
SCA Entertainment

Medieval and Renaissance Dance

SCA Music and Dance Homepage
Self descriptive.
Sources for Scottish and Celtic Culture
A list of homepages and archives dealing with Scottish country dancing.
Ellisif's Music and Dance Page
Miscellaneous references.
Early Music and Dance
Links to pages from all over.
Renaissance Dance
Translations of period sources, very cool!
Russell Almond's Early Dance Music
A site put together by Mustapha al-Muhaddith. Very nice also!
Understanding 15th Century Italian Dance
By Master William Redcape of Iron Mountain. An in-depth look at Italian dancing.
Dances of France and Burgundy
Explanations of the common dance steps to bransles, pavanes, galliards, and courantes.
Music of the Period Explained
Links to music, midis, and other items of interest.
Articles about Dance
Nice summary of dance, listings of books and CDs.
Medieval and Renaissance Instruments
SCA Dance CDs and Books
Del's Dance Book
Need to learn the steps? This is a comprehensive look at just what foot goes where.
Practise for Dauncinge
Eric's SCA Dance and Music Page
The Letter of Dance
The Dolmetsch Historical Dance Society
The Institute of Historical Dance
Renaissance Dance
The English Dancing Master by John Playford 1651
Introduction to Labanotation
Japanese Music and Dance

Jacinth's Recommended Dance Books:
Orchesography, by Thoinot Arbeau, et. al.
If you are serious about dance, you should have a copy. It includes a number of dances popular in the SCA, and is likely the main resource used in teaching them today.
Courtly Dance of the Renaissance: A New Translation and Edition of the Nobilta Di Dame, by Fabritio Caroso, et. al.
Translation of period text. Not for the faint of heart.

Medieval and Folk Midi and Music

Scottish Folk Songs
Turlogh O'Carolan Celtic Harp Links
Has some midi references, but above all harp links.
The Jordan-O'connel Memorial Celtic MIDI Archive
This one is kind of interesting, there is even some original pieces...
Ancient Music of Ireland
Cecil's Irish and Celtic Page
Irish Celtic Music MIDI Page
Celtic MIDI Tunes
Celtic MIDI Collection
Sites Offering Irish Music MIDI Files
I've picked out quite a few that tickled my fancy, however they may keep a more up to date list that I will.
MIDI Chant - Gregorian Chants
The Gregorian Chant Home Page
Middle English Lyrics
Irish Folk Songs
Selected Early Music Links
Medieval Music
Early Music Resources on the Web
A link page to scads of music resources.
A History of the Lute
Medieval Music and Arts Foundation
La Trobe University Medieval Music Database
Chord Structure in Medieval Music
Reading White Mensural Notation
A Singer's Guide to Early Music
ORB: Medieval Women and Music
Medieval Music Articles

Medieval Drama and Prose

The Elizabethan and Jacobean Theatre History Page
Medieval Drama Links
Everyman (after 1485)
Corpus of Middle English Prose and Verse - Everyman
Humanities Text Initiative
Labyrinth Library: Middle English
The Canterbury Tales and Troilus and Criseyde (Reader Friendly Version)
VoS English Literature: Anglo-Saxon and Medieval
VoS English Literature: Renaissance
Links for Theatre History and Early Music
Medieval Drama
Baragona's Medieval Drama Home Page
Shakespeare and Renaissance Sites
Medieval Drama Links
The Golden Stag Players
A homepage for an SCA acting troupe in the Kingdom of the West. They have scripts for short plays available that look interesting, period and period style!

Medieval Games

Medieval and Renaissance Games Homepage
Rules for Medieval Games
The Online Guide to Traditional Games
Games Guild of Ealdormere
The Game of Merels
A nice page on Nine Men's Morris.
A History of Traditional Board Games
An Tir Handbook: Lesser Offices - The Gamesmaster
Can you believe they have a minor office devoted to teaching games? Sounds like a good idea, as few enough people try to do this in my area. It might give us non-fighters something to do other than sewing.
Game of Hnafetafl
Medieval Games and Pastimes

Falconry and Hunting

Harrie Knol's Falconry Homepage
Dansk Falkejagt Klub
Borch's Falconry
Falconry, by Rilke
Ancient, Medieval, and Renaissance Books on Falconry
The British School of Falconry
History of Falconry
Medieval Hunting and Falconry
American Falconry magazine
Sports as Art
North American Falconers Association
Kielder Water Bird of Prey and Falconry Centre
The Falconry and Raptor Education Foundation
Scotland Falconry and Birds of Prey, Jedburgh Scottish Borders
Personal Falconry Pages
Brief History of Falconry
A Falconry Manual from Hancock Wildlife
Wales: Falconry
EAGLE EYES Falconry Usenet Archive
Raptor Repertoire
WWW-VL Medieval Europe
Audubon Adopt-a-Bird - Center for Birds of Prey
The Art of Falconry
The Ancient Art of Falconry
Brian's Mews for Mutes Falconry Page
Falconer's Bulletin Board
Falconry Links

SCA Entertainment

SCA Minstrel Homepage
SCA Stories
SCA Songs
Brendan O Corraidhe
I include this man, because he used to be the Premier Bard of Ansteorra. There isn't much to his page, but there are a few works to look at.
Elizabethan Hunting
Elizabethan Sports

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