My two biggest gripes about the state of A&S competition in the SCA are the quality of judging and the lack of instruction on documentation. This section is devoted to rectifing these faults.
Writing Documentation
A pretty good start on how to do documentation. I would recommend reading the entire Atlantian handbook.
Encouragement or Criticism
Otherwise known as: "How to help our budding artesians learn from their mistakes, rather than crush them".
Atlantian Competition/Display Entry Form
A sample of what information should be included with an entry. By no means does this have to be all of it, I lean towards giving much more.
Kingdom of Atlantia Arts and Science Forms
How to judge. This should be used as a way of measuring, but should be altered to fit the competition. Also note, as this page notes, that positive criticism should always be used! I think it is pitiful when people judge competitions do nothing but tear an entry apart. (Okay, add this as gripe #3.) I understand that some professional artists have been taught by their fields to be blunt, but there is no reason they cannot learn to be tactful... or even better, helpful!
Judging Documentation in SCA A&S Competitions
Articles on Creating Replicas of Artifacts
Middle Kingdom Arts and Sciences Faire Judging Criteria

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