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Create Your Website
Free Guide to Creating a Web Page
Introduction to HTML and Web Page Design
Has some really wonderful tools on building interfaces for your website.
NavWorks: Free Tutorials
Some of the nicest tutorias on interfaces and graphics.

Instructional: HTML

Idocs Guide to HTML
I rather liked this one, as you can see how your browser is going to display your code. I was suprised to find that Netscape doesn't do inline frames. ;)
Bare Bones Guide to HTML
HTML quick reference
A Beginner's Guide to HTML
Darwinz.com Free HTML tutor sites
Style Guide for Online Hypertext
Beginning HTML
Dan's Web Tips
How to Write Sytle Sheets (CSS)
Making Forms
Paul Schwarz's Help for Web Page Building
LinkExhange - SiteOwner
You put it up there; now check it and make sure everythings okay!
Tips for Novice Web Page Designers
Carlos' FORMS Tutorial
CSS Quick Tutorial
HTML & JavaScript Tutorial
Search Engine Tutorial for Web Designers
Web Pages That Suck
Code and design should go hand-in-hand.
HTML Clinic

Instructional: JScript/JavaScript

Javascript Tutorial
JavaScript Primers (TOC)
Text Rollovers: Putting the Effect to Work for an Entire Page
PDF documents on all the standards having to do with JavaScript, as well as some online ideas.
Not the same site as above. More quick ideas on how to spruce up your site. More along the lines of a developer site.
FreeCode, Free Programming Source Code
JavaScript World
Website Abstraction Free JavaScripts!
Webmonkey: Javascript Code Library
HotSyte-The JavaScript Resource
JavaScript Source
Microsoft JScript FAQ
Microsoft JScript LanguageReference
Distributed JScript
JavaScript & Cookies
JavaScript @ The Mining Company
JavaScript @ Jayde.Com
Learning JavaScript for Beginners
HTML & JavaScript Tutorial
JavaScript for the Total Non-Programmer
Mouse Over Inlayed Buttons
The JavaScript Village
Javascript Source
JavaScript MouseOver Wizard
Windows tool for simplifying MouseOvers

Instructional: Advanced

ASP Today
Java Lab
JavaSDK Docs
Resources for CGI programmers.
JavaFile Free Scripts
CGI Tutorial: Start
NCSA HTTPd Tutorial: CGI Configuration
Matt's Script Archive, Inc.
Perl/CGI Scripts.

Web Databases

Database Management Systems
Part of Philip and Alex's Guide to Web Publishing.
Web Database Building with HTML, JavaScript, and Oracle
Instructional hints on using PHP3 and such... also, graphics, MySQL, and HTML; should be helpful to Apache/Linux users.
Build a Database driven website (Three Parts)
Why Databases?
Generate HTML from a Database
Definitely aimed at Mac people, but it gives and idea of how to structure a database for generating web pages statically.
Databases and the Web
Excellent collection of links for static and dynamic web page generation.
DBMan Script
Free downloads from eXtropia
Many things, including the WebDB Database management tool.
Your First Database

Free CGI Hosting

ByteCenter - free CGI hosting
This site is the kindest, by not forcing you to display huge advertising banners for most things.
More than just CGI, this site has links to all sorts of free bells and whistles for your site.
LinkExchange: Fast Counter
Small and simple, if plain; you get weekly or monthly statistics reports.
The Ultimate Counter
Largish banner counters, but you have a huge selection of flavours.
SiteStatz - free advanced site statistics
The site is a little clumsy to navigate to get your statistics, but hey, it's free!
The World Famous Guestbook Server
Free Guestbook!
Customizable guestbooks.
GlobalGuest Guestbook Service
Also customizable.
Bloke.com's Free GuestBook
This site is more than meets the eye. Its in Australia, and it does more than just guestbooks... it hosts just about everything CGI. Most interesting.
LinkExchange: Listbot
Start your own mailing list.
Seems nice, and for a nominal fee of $6 you can do away with the banners. Much better deal than other services I have seen. They've got CGI, custom domain and email, etc. Worth a look!
NedStat Basic
If you've been to Tripod, this is the sort of stat-widget that they use.
Bravenet Web Services
Free Counter-Tracker Service
eXTReMe Tracking
CGI For Me
WebCounter Home Page
Free Counters of a standard format that you can change the colors of the numbers and backgrounds.
Virtual Avenue - Free Virtual Domain Hosting
Web tools, web hosting, search engine submission
Live Online Chat Service
This sounds interesting. Haven't tried it yet. Have people contact you online to talk about your pages.

Frontpage Extensions

How to use Frontpage Extensions
Comparisons between UNIX and NT Frontpage Extensions
FrontPage UNIX Server Extensions Support
Microsoft FrontPage - HTML Net LInks
Frontpage Add-Ins


XML Information
Tutorials - XML


Free Web Page Enhancements
Infinite Fish: RollOver MegaCoder
A site included to give ideas for JavaScript
Resources For Your Site
Microsoft IE Logo Program
HotWired: Webmonkey
DrClue.Net -- Web Help
IT Knowledge
Discussions on site building, scripts, and other tidbits.
Webmonkey | Authoring: Browser Detection
Codo Development - Browserola
This nifty tool emulates the different browsers and versions of HTML. Imagine, on the same computer, viewing your page under the various versions of IE or NS.
Tons of Links to tools for coding webpages... validators, color, monitoring, and references.

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