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Graphics Tutorials

tips.pair.com - Graphics
Optimize your graphics
Lori's Web Graphics: Optimizing
Animation Tutorial
Embossed-Tiled Background
FrontPage Background Image Tile Trick
**Creating Great Web Graphics
PhotoPaint and Photoshop tips, et al.
Creating Paterns with Square Tiles
Creating Web Page Background JPEG files
Using Background Images on Web Pages, and Resources
Mike's Sketchpad
Tutorials and help for desktop publishers and graphic artists.
Imagemap Authoring Guide and Tutorial Sites
Hands-On Training by DocOzone
Photoshop directed tutorials, but I daresay workable with other programs.
Web Graphics on a Budget
Nice page for PSP. Leans heavily on Blade Pro; for the most part, not a stand alone page if you do not have this product.


A few scanning tips - Scanner Help - Basics 101
Properly Using a Scanner
Scanning Tips and Tricks
Scanning Tips
New S20 PhotoSmart Scanner Review
Photography ... by Steven Martins
Tony Sleep - Home Page

Paint Shop Pro

Using Paint Shop Pro to optimize web graphics
Paint Shop Pro Tips & Tricks
Paint Shop Pro Papers
Most excellent tips and pointers for PSP5, without the use of third-party plug-ins.
Paint Shop Pro - Tips and Tricks at Centreline 2000
New Dawn Micro - PSP Tutorials
The PaintShop Pro Foundry
Paint Shop Pro Tutorials
State of Entropy Webgraphics and Design
Andrew's Resource Center::Tutorials
Third Party Paint Shop Pro Tutorial Sites
This is Jasc's maintained page of links to PSP help.
Robin's Paint Shop Pro, Photoshop & Web Design Resources
GrafoManiac - Paint Shop Pro Resources - Plugs 'n Tools
Site highly touted by others, but I found lots of defunt links.
Paint Shop Pro Graphics
Blade Pro Feature (Page 1)
A tutorial on Blade Pro, a third party plugin product.
Art Supplies
Extras for PSP.

Adobe Acrobat

Multimedia Development Lab - Adobe Acrobat
Acrobat and PDF at PDFzone.com
Adobe Acrobat Documents on the Web
DaVince Tools Home Page - PDF Tools
Acrobat Tips

Graphic Tools

Non-Dithering Colors by Hue
HVS GIFCruncher
One of the friendlier online gif optimization utilities.
JPEGCruncher Free JPEG Optimizer
Gif Optimization @ HoggleStock
Ulead WebUtilities
These folks have a lot of software for graphics manipulation.
The Image Mechanic
I got this to work a couple of times, and it was nice to compare new and old images side by side, but it wigged out on the third attempt. Don't know if it was a limit, but you might like to try it.
Cool Archive Button Maker
The GIMP Homepage
A Photostyler-like image editor.
GTk+ and GIMP for Windows
GIMP Documentation
GIMP Tutorials!

Art Sites

Optimizing your GIF graphics for Web Pages
Web Clip Art
Free Clip Art - Celtic
WPI Library of Graphical Elements
Kat Black's Freebies
Medieval clipart and such. Mostly from woodcuts, so it is a good bet that they are copyright free as well. As with web graphics, no guarantees.
Web Clip Art
CLIP ART: On the Net 1000 clipart sites, clipart pages
Cool Archive Free Web Graphics and Fonts
A+B+C Graphics
AAA Free Clip Art
A-1 Icon Archive / Free Web Graphics
Royalty Free Content Page
The Matrix Vault
ProDraw Graphics
Public Domain Maps
Public Domain Pictures
Lycos Image Gallery
My Gif Animations
Some talented art from Hawaii.
Timo's Christian Clipart Site
Free Graphics
The Whole Internet Guide to Clipart
U.S. Department of the Interior, Photo Library
US Fish and Wildlife Service - Images/Pictures treatments, and headings.
Clip Art Gallery Suggested Tiled Backgrounds
Clip Art Tiled Backgrounds
Media Link's Free Backgrounds and Textures
Stock Photos; Royalty-Free Digital Images
This particular page are a few medieval city pictures, however there are lots of other things on this site.
Mediatheque Backgrounds
Tons of free art.
FREE Graphics Links
Helen's Free Background Images
Royalty Free Backgrounds from Ulead
WebGround - Free Background Textures
Free Background Patterns
Absolute Background Textures Archive
Free tiling background textures.
Animation Factory Free Animated GIF Library
Medieval Clipart
Argotique Graphics Medieval Feast
Medieval Clipart
Celtic Clipart
Hawaiian and Tropical Clipart


There are a lot of good things to say about this format, except that it is not as widely supported by browsers as liked. It has many advantages over GIF, if only all browsers would display them properly.
Burn All GIFs Day
Old news for some, new to others... Links to the feud with Unisys over LZW compression and its use in GIFs. Promote PNG!!
PNG (Portable Network Graphics) Home Site
GIF2PNG - The Exorcist
Drag-n-drop GUI interface for Windows users to convert GIFs to PNG format graphics. Make sure you check your graphics after conversion, I have gotten spotty translations with some types of graphics.
Group 42: PNG Info
What Is...PNG
WebTools for Graphics & Design: Whatever Happened to PNG?
WDVL: Graphics Formats for the WWW: PNG
Why PNG?
Whatever Happened to PNG?
Portable Network Graphics
PNG Image Test Page
XmHTML PNG Support


Lunamoon Graphics
Bimsan's Free Graphics
Free Graphics for your Web Page
Whiz Graphics Sets
Moyra's Web Jewels
This one is especially pretty. It even has some JavaScript interfaces if you are interested in that.
Borders by Silverhair


I know, technically, that it isn't good sense to use embedded fonts on a webpage; however you can use the fonts to make transparent gifs to accomplish a similar thing. Also, when in lack of art, a freeware dingbat font can work in a pinch.
Fantasy and Medieval Fonts
Kyl's Medieval and Fantasy Fonts
Fonts and tools for making them. This is something I've become a little more interested in.
Free Fonts: Original Designs!
Listings of free fonts and resources. There are other things here, as well as resources for calligraphy and the like. A hodge-podge, but interesting.
Edlund Font Project
A copyright free collection of medieval-type fonts.
Font Freak
A large collection of freeware and shareware.
Dr. Berlin's Foreign Font Archive
Font Pages
Extremeley large collection of font-related links. A real goldmine!
Ealoha Fonts and Font Utilities
Very nice Freeware font collections!!
High-Logic's Font Creator Download
Finally found a Shareware Font Maker. I'll let you know what I think of it when I get the chance to try it out.
Font Mania - 100% Free Fonts
Extremely slow site, but there are a few gems I haven't seen anywhere else.
Dan Smith's Fantasy Fonts for Windows
EFF fonts by style
Button Button Font
Handy if you want templates for making custom buttons.
Font Editors, PostScript and TrueType Fonts
Various references from The Mining Company.
Troubleshooting the Fonts
A mac sponsored page, but talks about converting between Mac and PC.
Font Conversion FAQ
FontFile Free Fonts

General Graphics Sites

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