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General Sites

Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT)
Computer Incident Advisory Capability (CIAC)
Bugtraq Archive
Security Archive
Happy Hacker
Computer Security FAQs
Internet Security
Security Newsgroups
Assorted Security Information Sources
András' Network Security Index

Unix Security

UNIX and Network Security
Unix Security

Security People

Computer Security People
Cliff Stoll's home page
If you have never read The Cuckoo's Egg, I sincerely suggest you do so. I don't believe I have read a more interesting book about tracking "varmints".
Clifford Stoll
Cliff Stoll's Performance Art Theatre and Networking Security Revue
Recordings and pictures of a lecture series done by him.


Firewalls FAQ
And an alternate link
Firewall Toolkit
Squid Web Proxy Cache
RFC related to Firewall
Firewall Wizards Mailing List: RE: Running OS from CD
The secrets of Linux IP masquerading revealed
PicoBSD 0.4 (Router)
PicoBSD is a one-disk floppy version of BSD that can act as a firewall.
Configuring FreeBSD as a PPP Dialup Router
Mobile IP for FreeBSD from Portland State University
AltaVista Software
Freeware transparent Secure FTP.
Get a firewall for your Windows PC. It's free and easy, and seems to work pretty well. A real must if you have DSL.
Gibson Research Corporartion
Do you know how open your Windows PC is on the internet? Check out the "Shield's Up!" website to test and see how others can exploit your system. A real eye-opener.
ZDNet: PC Protection

PGP/Cryptography Sites

I note here that if it is not legal for you to download it, don't come crying to me when you get your hand slapped. The US is serious about exportation of cryptographic products, so watch it!
Introduction to PGP
PGP - Pretty Good Privacy
Getting started with encryption: An Introduction to PGP
Pretty Good PGP Reference Card
Where to get the latest PGP FAQ
Pretty Good Privacy
PGP 5 Tips
MIT distribution site for PGP
The free, non-commercial version.
The International PGP Home Page
Download PGP legally
An Analysis of PGP's Trust Model
Sneer Links to Cryptography and PGP Resources
North American Cryptography Archives
GnuPG - The GNU Privacy Guard


SSH Secure Shell
Installing ssh for Unix System Administrators
SSH for Tera Term


Guidelines for Configuring Anonymous FTP Servers
Anonymous FTP FAQ

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