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MUDs I Am Associated With

The first MUD I became a wizard in. Coding came as a shock, but I took to it better than killing orcs for a sword. I first found this Swiss MUD in the Summer of 1988, and I still like to log in occasionally. It has gotten rather small (as with many MUDs) with the advent of graphic adventures, but I remember how cool I thought it was to make friends in another country. Go to it.
Darker Realms
My first serious MUD. I attained 19th level (20th being wizard), however I never did all the quests. Now there are way too many quests, and honestly I don't have the time to finish the deed. Nice to log in occasionally, but I hardly know anyone anymore. Go to it.
Ancient Anguish
I have played in this one occasionally. Never got above 5th level. I mostly stop in to see a wizard friend of mine (who was also on Lochness). He was my mentor for the longest time. Go to it.

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