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Database Vendor List with Informational Pages
Database Resources
DBA Devil
Dilip's Brief Introduction to Relational Databases
Database Administration Tips
Sybase to Oracle Conversion Steps and Considerations
Database Resources


Oracle MetaLink
Oracle Performance Tuning
Free Oracle SQL scripts and DBA tools
Oh, I really like this one... free and shareware tools, and papers to read. If you are looking to learn, this one has some real gems.
Virginia Oracle User's Group
Online Oracle 8i Adminstrator's Guide
Oracle Technology Network
Tool for Oracle Application Developers
Oracle Backups
Oracle Installation Tip
Installing Oracle 7.3.4 on HP-UX 10.20.
Understanding Effective Backup Techniques
From the book Teach Yourself Oracle in 21 Days (if you believe that, I have a bridge to sell you...).
Jared Still's Orcle Utilities Page
Oracle Database Backup
Oracle Tips, Tricks, and Scripts
Oracle Bulletproofing, Backups, and Disaster Recovery Scenarios
Oracle DBA Guide
Title is misleading, this is documentation for a working server. Interesting to see as an example of design.
Oracle Backup and Recovery FAQ
Oracle Import/Export FAQ
Also here.
Oracle FAQ: DBA Tasks, Responsibilities and Skills Required
Preparing for an Oracle Cold Backup
Oracle Fans Home Page
Oracle Tips and Answers by Ari Kaplan
Oracle7 Database Administration Curriculum
Sizing Oracle and HP @ 300GB
Oracle FAQ: Oracle Backup and Recovery
The Oracle Import/Export Utilities
International Oracle Users Group
Oracle 8 for Linux Installation HOWTO
Biju's Oracle DBA Page
Oracle DBA Scripts and Tips
PL/SQL Web Toolkit Reference
Oracle Technology Network
The Database Domain's Hot Oracle Links Page
Hayden Worthington's Oracle White Papers
Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) DBA Exam Study Guides from The Database Domain
Houston Oracle Training
RMAN Links
Steve Rea's Oracle Tips, Tricks, and Scripts
Cramsessions for Oracle Certifications


Sybase Support Center
Sybase Repository
Sybase Shareware
Sybase FAQ
Online Sybase Documentation
Sybase Technical Documents
SQL Server Space Fragmentation
Getting Started With Sybase
Sybase 101
Sybase web.sql(TM) Programmer's Guide
White Sands Technology, Inc.
The makers of ProActive DBA.
Intro to Sybase Archictecture
DC Area Sybase User Group
Short on graphic appeal, long on content.
Utilizing Sybperl for Database Administration
FAQs about Table Partitioning in Sybase
A Sybase DBA's Toolchest


North American Ingres Users Association
Ingres Database Reference
Ingres Question & Answer
Ingres and OpenIngres Trace Points
Trace Points/IImonitor List
NAIUA Reading Room
Ingres II Documentation Set
INGRES User's Guide (TOC)
Beta Program - Ingres II for Linux
Ingres Automatic Shutdown
Ingres Trainer - De Montfort University, School of Computing Sciences
Ingres Tips


A freware database for unix and windows (at a cost).


I don't really consider this a viable database (although some would disagree), but I include it because I have had a little contact with it. I'd hate to go through the process of sifting through pages of diseases to find these again... ;)
MUMPS Development Committee
MUMPS Notebook
MTRC's M Info
Karen Nicholas' MUMPS Resource Page
MUMPS resources from Nerd World Media
Lycos COMPUTERS beta Guide: M - MUMPS

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