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Jacinth de Warwick
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Crafts: Tablet weaving, embroidery, knitting, nålbinding, spinning, dancing, medieval cooking, bobbin lace, soap making, calligraphy and illumination.
Children: One dog, and a step-cat.
Significant Other: Yes
Interests: Travelling, reading, anime, manga, photography, historical research.
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Mon, Oct 27 2003

Weekend before last we had a textile day. I learned how to spin silk. I need to practice. I have a ton of silk (I'm a fiberholic... I just stockpile this stuff until I find the need/time to play with it). I recently got some flax hackles from Clarice, and also a distaff that fits into a small stool with a hole in it. I need to make it fit a bit more snugly, but I am looking forward to trying to spin flax strick.

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Once upon a time, I thought the only thing that could interest me was medieval history. Yeah, I have a degree in chemistry, and I work with computers for a living... however, something is very appealing about going home and doing a decidedly low-tech hobby. Don't get me wrong, I love my crafts, but when I feel like vegetating it might interest folks to know that there are other things to do out there besides spinning and weaving. :) My other passion is anime. I recently completed my Sailor Moon collection, and now have turned my attention to Seramyu -- the popular Sailor Moon musicals. I have been listening to the music, and it is really awesome stuff. The musicals are, of course, in Japanese; I don't know Japanese, so if I want to watch them I am going to have to rely on fansubs until they get the idea that there is a market. I have not actually found one yet, but I am hopeful to see the spectacle.

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Fri, Oct 24 2003

Speaking of Defender, I was proud to name Detlef our new Artisan. He was very surprised. He only wanted constructive criticism of his paper! ;)

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I guess the other thing to mention is that Signy has moved to Arkansas to lead her own congregation. We miss her at dance practice. I get an occasional email from her... need to send one soon for her. She was ordained into the Presbytery on the Sunday of Defender (9/21/03). I am glad I went. The day of Defender, she was made a Court Baroness... I am glad that it happened at our event.

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I haven't written in my blog for a while. I intend on fixing this. There are quite a few things that have happened... Over the summer, I got my loom that I had ordered and have had quite an adventure with it. The day I got it, Lee and I drove down to La Porte after work to pick it up... all 8 boxes of it. :) We went out to dinner, and I had a drink. By the time I got home, it was nappy time. That was a Thursday. On Friday, I started reading the instructions and as it got dark I was putting it together... then the power went out. I sat in the dark for a bit, wondering what I was going to do, and then I decided "to heck with it" and got out the hurricane lamps and spent a while putting it together anyway. Later, the power came back on, so I had the TV on in the background ("While You Were Out" on TLC). Sometime in the wee hours, Lee gets up from bed and is pretty grumpy with me because I have to be up first thing in the morning to drive to San Antonio for King's College. Well I had a stopping point... a piece didn't fit on the loom... the castle-top, to be specific. The next day, I called Clarice while I was in S.A. picking up a spinning wheel and taking classes (another story). She promised to help. Later that week, she and Earl came to the house and looked for themselves and took measurements. The routed ends were not large enough to slip over, and the guys at LeClerc were saying that I should just "force it on"... HA! Well, Earl finally got it across that it was just plain wrong, and what the problem was... they sent another one which I got at the beginning of July. Earl and Clarice came over with it and put it on (it fit!). That week, I got the rest of it put together... finally hung the shafts only to find that they all sank. More disucussion with LeClerc ensued... it was suggested to adjust the loom with warp under tension. Still no good. LeClerc guys were on vacation until end of July (three weeks!), but sent email to US rep who forwarded me to Francois. I took pictures of the loom with my digital camera and posted them to the web, asking for help from various list (no help, execpt from one nice lady): My loom pictures. Francois looked at it and made some comments and asked for some measurements. One thing that he said was my tieups were too slack, but when I tighten them up I get too small a shed. He decided that the ties were too short. My biggest problem (I think), is that the shed is uneven... but have not figured out a fix for that. I got a SUPER Book by Peggy Osterckamp about warping your loom... it made SO much sense, but I still haven't got it all down... however, it has helped me with making gross adjustments. I guess I am going to send one more letter to Francois and see if he has any suggestions (other than adjusting the lamms... that is SUCH a pain).

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