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Jacinth de Warwick
Started in SCA: 9/6/1986
Home Group: Barony of Raven's Fort
Kingdom: Ansteorra

Favorite ---
Color: Green
Garb: Italian
Craft: Too many to choose

General Stats

Crafts: Tablet weaving, embroidery, knitting, crochet, spinning, dancing, medieval cooking, calligraphy and illumination.
Children: One dog, and a step-cat.
Significant Other: Yes
Interests: Travelling, reading, anime, manga, photography, historical research.
Favorite Webpage: Textiles Page

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Tue, Jun 10 2003

Dance Practice. 4 people. Did Italians: Amoroso, Villanella, Rostiboli. ECD: Rufty Tufty

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Mon, Jun 09 2003

Kezia said that the demo on Saturday went very well. A lot of arts and sciences stuff was displayed and they had folks from all over the area show up. I look forward to her report. She said Sunday was "fix my garb" with Clarissima and co.

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Went to Known World Dance and Music Symposium Friday and Saturday. I met up with Signy and her group. Danced Italian until I literally dropped (feet wouldn't take any more).

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