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Jacinth de Warwick
Started in SCA: 9/6/1986
Home Group: Barony of Raven's Fort
Kingdom: Ansteorra

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Color: Green
Garb: Italian
Craft: Too many to choose

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Crafts: Tablet weaving, embroidery, knitting, crochet, spinning, dancing, medieval cooking, calligraphy and illumination.
Children: One dog, and a step-cat.
Significant Other: Yes
Interests: Travelling, reading, anime, manga, photography, historical research.
Favorite Webpage: Textiles Page

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Tue, May 27 2003

Three people at dance practice. Signy, myself and Amy.

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Wed, May 21 2003

Turned the heel on my sock finally. Did it at officer's last night. Carla wants to have a "fix my garb" class.

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Mon, May 19 2003

Clarice got an email from LeClerc last week saying that they were not recommending the Countermarche loom (in favor of their new back-hinge jack loom). She wrote back and said I wanted it anyway, for weaving period fabrics, and that I had already done a lot of research on the matter. We will see. I got a lovely old bobbin lace pillow from Clarice, too... it had Swedish-style bobbins, linen thread, some books, notes, a tote, covers, pins, everything. Really good deal.

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Wed, May 14 2003

We had 3 people at dance... Kezia, myself, and Signy. We sat and talked, and Signy watched me knit. Disappointing. Got a new CD (was waiting for me at home), and I cannot wait to play it for Signy (lots of nice dance music).

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Mon, May 12 2003

I almost forgot... I took my parents the Vatican exhibit on Sunday. It was a really large show. The book for the exhibit was huge and just packed with historical information. There are lots of good pictures... it is really funny that there was more to read in the book about each item than on the placards by each item. I really wanted the book for the textiles... but the pictures just don't do them justice.

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Well, I really did it... I wove twill (4 kinds)!! Clarice is really wonderful. I brought a bunch more books and shared them with everyone in the shop. Clarice said I had gotten a lot of people excited, to which I smiled "of course, that's my job!" I was also very bad... I ordered an 8 shaft LeClerc Nilus II. *sigh*

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Mon, May 05 2003

I got the loom warped at Upstairs Studio. I had a really good time... tedious, but on my trip home I was seeing all kinds of possibilities. When I got home, the new equipment catalog from Halcyon Yarn was there... tempting me with looms. Clarice was very interested in my warp-weighted loom. She wants me to do a project on it so I can demo it for their group. She is also encouraging me to take some of their special classes that are held once a year. This is very energizing!

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Fri, May 02 2003

Well, last night was populace. I can say that individually I like a lot of people, but some folks just don't mix well... Mary finished her tunic. Chrystal announced that she would be the new regional scribe starting in June. There was a presentation on fire safety. Tomorrow is my next weaving class; I am going to get an early start and be down there by 9am if I can. I need to get a beater and some bobbins for my tapestry loom. I have ordered a book on tapestry weaving from Amazon.

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