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Jacinth de Warwick
Started in SCA: 9/6/1986
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Crafts: Tablet weaving, embroidery, knitting, crochet, spinning, dancing, medieval cooking, calligraphy and illumination.
Children: One dog, and a step-cat.
Significant Other: Yes
Interests: Travelling, reading, anime, manga, photography, historical research.
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Tue, Apr 29 2003

Lately, I have taken to knitting on the bus. I get looks, interested questions, and sometimes ignored. It is at least the one thing I can do while I am standing while waiting for the bus, walking, and of course sitting. The sock is really starting to grow!

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Mon, Apr 28 2003

I took a mundane weaving class this past Saturday at the Upstairs Studio in La Porte. I only had 4 hours to spend on it, but so far it has been well worth it. Clarice, who runs the shop, is very knowledgeable and it was very interesting being able to chat with her and her mother. I got the warps done and chained, and next time I come in I will be putting them on the loom (this Saturday). Her shop is like being in a candy store... there are lots of types of fiber, even silk hankys and bells. There is stuff for weaving, knitting, rug making, and dyeing. I also picked up a lovely handmade tapestry loom for a good price. It has been a bit abused, but with a bit of wax and cleaning should be as good as new. With Clarice's help, I also understand better about sett and figuring out reed threading. I can hardly wait until Saturday!

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Thu, Apr 24 2003

Yesterday night was dance practice. We had 4 adults and 1 youngster. I was teaching. We did Vilanella, Rufty Tufty, Amaroso, Cassandra, Pinagay, Charlotte, and for fun we did the Korobushka (not period, but they really liked it). Signy sent me almost all the Italian dances we have done and quite a few we haven't. Looking forward to trying them. Had a long talk with Faye, the lady at the community center... nice lady... about the SCA and our group. She seems interested. She works at the community center so that she can get out of the house (retired) and see people. It would be interesting to get her out (she knits!). I drove home, and had enough energy to finish my first knitted sock! Yay, looks great!

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Wed, Apr 23 2003

Last night was Officers. Talked to Piroska about weaving... she will teach me what she can. She said Clarissa at Upstairs Studio in La Porte is great for teaching and has an amazing shop. You can even rent looms. Can't get a better recommendation than that. Supposedly you get a loom to start with, and nobody works on it but you until you are done... that sounds cool. Since I already have the coursebook, they will discount it from the cost of the course if I bring it. Working on knitting socks right now. Got a very good basic almost done. Kezia wants me to teach a class in knitting. I will have to get some ideas and come up with something... make largish knitting needles with dowels like my dpn for the monmouth hat project. Problem is coming up with mostly period project suitable for beginners. Lorraine suggested a pouch. Will have to see.

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Wed, Apr 16 2003

Yesterday's Newcomer meeting came off... whether it was a success or not, I am not sure. Time will tell if the 4 people (okay, 3 if you don't count the old time SCA person who was just coming back to us) return. We had an arts and sciences display of metal, wood, weaving, leather and photo albums. Mary was working on another tunic. Lorraine was telling me about a burqua style tunic she was planning for Kief. I brought music, but nobody danced. The guys that showed up were more interested in fighting than anything else. Carla brought snacks.

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Tue, Apr 15 2003

Today we are having a Newcomers meeting for some of the people that they met at the college demo. Signy and I are bringing dance music, and I am going to pick up some snacks. I am interested to see who shows up. I got an email yesterday from Joy (Orom), about her Mom (Piroska) wanting to teach weaving to our membership. She wants to have a rigid heddle class, and a 4-harness class (I am interested in both). Her email came back to me, so I am going to have to track down a valid email.

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Mon, Apr 14 2003

Went to Signy's dance practice yesterday, and we did a lot of Italian. I think I am going to be teaching the next dance practice (in RF), and I think I want to work on the Italians. I borrowed Signy's Italian dance music cd and made a fair copy, although one track is kind of bad. I will have to see if I can clean it up. I finally have a copy of Vilanella, though... and that should make some folks happy. Signy has promised me a copy of her dance notes.

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Fri, Apr 11 2003

I keep forgetting I have started this. I have been working on knitting, and trying to get up the courage to do socks. I have a bunch of links I need to post, and I have cleaned up a lot of broken links off the textiles page (most important one, if you ask me). I have a desire to get my warp-weighted loom set up (loaded, as it were) and I have at least one person who is interested in trying work with me on it.

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