Jacinth's Big Fat Medieval Blog

Mon, Feb 24 2003

Feast was a success - 12:12:28 PM

Feast went very well, excepting that only one person from our own barony actually helped. All our volunteers were from other groups in serving and helping in the kitchen. Shame on our members.

The onion and pea soup was very well received. The pears were good. The mulled cider was deemed excellent. I got a half-sized mug and a length of silk for my trouble. I just submitted my receipt totals. We had bad weather on Friday night, so a lot of people chickened out for Saturday (which was wonderful). Pity them.

Fri, Feb 21 2003

Tonight is the eve of my next feast - 12:17:23 PM
I am putting the finishing touches on my feast preparations tonight. I still have pears to cook, an alternate dessert for the Crown, and some spices to make. I am at wits end. I don't think I am going to have much sleep tonight, and I will have to work extra hard not to bite heads on the morrow.

Thu, Feb 20 2003

Welcome to my Blog! - 02:37:14 PM
I have been wanting to start one of these for a while. I had a little time today, so I started playing with it. I think this would be a wonderful place to store notes and ideas. Currently, I write notes in notepad and store them in my account for later... it contains about 200K of text links that I still need to plant on my website. I wish I had more time to devote to this... my biggest concern is link checking. I have a number of tools, but for the most part it is a manual process to update everything. I have a database that I need to work on, and build a good link library that is automatically generated. I suppose I am one of the last of the notepad html writers. Hey, it works...